Wouldn’t it be great to get a little more buzz to virtual events and meetings? In order to avoid unnecessary visits to the fridge at your home office during a virtual meeting, its content has to offer you engagement beyond ordinary. To upgrade into sparkly events in 3D motion, a solution might just be at your fingertips; one that will leave you not wanting to return back to static webinars ever again.

The amazing new 3D experience developed by Epicenter’s member company Rond offer a completely new way of participating in events. This new technology offers a full event experience that is much more immersive and fun compared to any other static online event where you are just a listener.

“We give our attendees full freedom of movement and the option to experience and interact with the event at their own pace. This adds a layer of interaction to online events that cannot be experienced on any other platform and comes very close to attending a real life event”, says Sjoerd Postema, CEO of Rond Productions.

What makes the technology different from other online event platforms is that this one provides a 3D experience. One gets the benefits of online gaming combined with the proper tools for doing business. Users can navigate in a full 3D environment while having the same benefits as any other online events platform. Users are embedded in avatars during the events and they are able to interact and see one another while navigating in the 3D environment. 

The spaces can be used for one-time events or they can be made available 24/7 for companies that want to use them as a permanent meeting place. Depending on the needs of the companies, there are different packages available ranging from free to “pay per use” to fully customisable. 

“This means that we can offer one of our standard environments for entry level customers and fully custom-built universes for the ones that want something truly unique”, Postema says. 

The technology is in early access but small events and meetups have already been organized and there is more to come very soon, for sure. White label or license agreements are also available for the ones that want their own environment to offer to their clients.

ROND Production House OyContact:
Sjoerd Postema, CEO & Co-founder
Tel: +358 (0) 45 2222 350

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