Nov 5, 2021

TEAMLABS – a campus of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, built on Finish entrepreneurial values.

TEAMLABS/ started with the bigger mission to make the entire world a radical learning Lab. For that purpose, they develop diverse learning programs that are connected and designed for different profiles of both people and institutions. Today, TEAMLABS is part of a community of more than 2500 learners (entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, educators, developers) that are in constant growth ...
Jun 2, 2021

Online events vs. physical events: Why your next event should be virtual!

As covid-19 hit the world and spiraled our everyday lives into an unexpected global turbulence, various industries were disrupted and faced an inevitable, yet speedy, need to adjust. Finding new ways to engage with future customers and connect with employees became challenging, independent of the size of the business. Specifically, the event industry, known for traditionally being tied to phys...
Apr 23, 2021

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have an age limit: Epicenter Helsinki’s youngest members want to offer consumers a clear path to the world of art and culture

The top names in Finnish culture enter through the door: Jorma Uotinen, Robin, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto and many others. They are greeted by two high schoolers interested in culture. The discussion topics include the art of dance, fast fashion, dressing and music. What exactly is it about? Secondary students interested in culture and art, competition dancers, Aaro Ristola and Markus ...
Mar 16, 2021

How to train your brain to optimise innovation, new learning and creativity in daily business life

This week marks International Brain Week, a global campaign celebrated since 1996. Recognised by companies, individuals and professionals across the globe, the week aims at increasing public awareness and support about the progress and benefits of brain research. The brain is the most important muscle of the human body with over one hundred billion neurons - the same as the number of stars ...
Jan 26, 2021

Supercharge and innovate

By Riikka Jakovuori, Country Manager at Epicenter Helsinki. We were made for this stuff! Today, we are sitting at the beginning of the end of the old way of working. Now, more than ever, we are not just innovating because we want to. We are innovating because we must. Now we need to take into use all great technologies there is to speed up and disrupt the way used to do business and to a...
Jan 11, 2021

Does business competitiveness rely on individual’s capability to lead emotions or will AI manage it all?

Leading with emotions has been the it word for some time, but nevertheless, its importance is not going to vanish, even if AI is taking huge leaps in every direction. On the contrary, emotions are directly needed in 2021, when leading has been shifted to virtual channels and face-to-face interaction has been scarce, says Epicenter’s Fireside chat guest, forerunner of emotional l...
Dec 9, 2020

3D experience is the next step to scale up virtual meetings and gatherings

Wouldn’t it be great to get a little more buzz to virtual events and meetings? In order to avoid unnecessary visits to the fridge at your home office during a virtual meeting, its content has to offer you engagement beyond ordinary. To upgrade into sparkly events in 3D motion, a solution might just be at your fingertips; one that will leave you not wanting to retu...
Nov 25, 2020

Community partnership: FundYou, River Recycle and EANA joining forces

During what may felt like the most challenging of times, we have been privileged to witness some of the best of humanity: the power of community during COVID-19 is something to behold. Within a community driven coworking environment filled with some of the brightest minds in the startup, scale-up and entrepreneurs scene, sparks of creativity have become fuelled by the ever-changing situat...
Nov 4, 2020

How to build a value driven community

COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know in various ways, particularly when it comes to how we work and connect. Coworking and community driven workspaces were on the rise long before the pandemic, providing value through functional space and professional networking opportunities. Yet as employees' have adapted to the new normal and demand for more flexible working solutions is on the rise,...
Nov 4, 2020

The future of work

We are living in extraordinary times. The way we live, work and do business is being disrupted. Working from home has proven itself to be efficient. BUT – does that really mean that employees want to spend all of their working life at home? Let’s find out! We asked 200 of our members within our tech savvy business environment around the topic of the future of work. Now that a majority ha...
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