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Loft Membership

Do you want access to an exclusive co-working space with your own desk(s)? Epicenter Loft is the crown jewel of our memberships. Imagine this: a designated desk in an exclusive area in our penthouse with views over the heart of Helsinki. The Loft is a unique choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for an innovative community without forgetting our comprehensive in-house services. As a Loft member, you'll get to enjoy all the Epicenter benefits, make the most out of your meetings in the Loft's exclusive meeting rooms, and let the innovation flow in the top floor.
Exclusive workspace in the roof of Epicenter community
Unlimited use of the Loft meeting rooms
Set up your space as you like
Freshly roasted Finnish artisan coffees and delicious teas
Perfect choice for independent entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups

As a Loft member you get all the benefits of Epicenter

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Why Epicenter?

Epicenter is the Nordic digital innovation house for those growth-minded companies who want to innovate with impact. We’re the community, learning platform, and meeting arena where success comes to reality.

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