3 houses, 500+ companies, 6000+ members.

Epicenter is a meeting arena and community where companies collaborate, grow, and build new solutions for a better future. The place where people and companies come together and share society changing thoughts.

Join the community

At Epicenter we put the community front and center. We believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration between people and companies is a key component in development and innovation.


As a member, you and your team get access to an unparalleled community agenda containing everything from leader networks, masterclasses, seminars and social gatherings. And that’s not all – you also get access to our Nordic member network.

360 event services

Hosting events is a great strategic tool to support your company’s growth ambitions. Meet our in-house event agency to create value through visionary events and activities.


We have everything you need to make your event truly magical, all in one place. We got your back from concept creation to implementation, execution and follow-up.

Upcoming community events

Every month we tailor events to support and strengthen our community.


In our calendar you will find a mix of masterclasses, seminars, summits and social activities. See for yourself.

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