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"Epicenter is more than a co-working space, it is a community and a partner."

Morten Krogh-Moe Sannsyn AS

Know what you don't know

The future workspace - How business leaders can utilize the workspace as a strategic tool for growth

Over the past ten years a lot has happened to how we view the workspace as a result of multiple factors, such as the tech race, the pandemic and digitisation. What these factors have in common is that they have contributed to shifting what your most important resources - your employees - require from the workspace, and how it should fuel innovation and growth within your business.   What is…

5 reasons why you should incorporate events to your business strategy

A lot of companies have already implemented events as part of their business strategy - and with good reason(s)! If hosting events isn’t currently in your strategy, we have compiled 5 (out of probably a million) reasons why hosting events are worth investing in, and why your company should start hosting them: Meet your core audience As a company it should be in your interest to meet and engage with…

Introducing a new member benefit: Hankøbåt

Hankøbåt is a boat sharing company who has seen a problem in the market.  Today there are around 1 million privately owned leisure boats in Norway. Only being used as little as 28 days a year. This brings the cost of owning a boat to unproportional heights due to high ticket cost items such as berth lease, insurance, annual and ad-hoc maintenance and winter storage.  As a solution to this…

Meet our member: Propely

Propely is a prop-tech company that offers a consolidated platform for everything a landlord needs to run their estates smoothly. They are also a valued member of the Epicenter community. We had a chat with their CEO and Founder, Kristoffer Moe Lundquist, to learn more about who they are and what their plans are:  Could you please introduce Propely and your team? Propely was founded back in 2019 to develop…

Epicenter member, Rada Labs, now allows everyone to invest in their tech adventure; Clikk

During the last three years our member, Rada labs, has been involved in the development of Clikk. These days, Clikk offer people the opportunity to invest in the company through Folkeinvest.no from NOK 1,200. We can’t wait to follow their journey ahead!   Clikk is a mobile and web application that helps people, companies, and influencers to connect and create engagement with their contacts, customers, and audience through a link, a…

Meet our member: Rada Labs

Rada Labs is a Norwegian software development company and innovation house. With their team of six, they both develop their own ideas, as well as helping other companies make their ideas come to life. We had a chat with their founders to get to know Rada Labs and their business better:    Could you please introduce Rada Labs and your team? The core idea behind Rada Labs is to develop…
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