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This is the place where people come together to share society changing thoughts. To co-create and make ideas leave the desk and become reality. A meeting arena where companies can collaborate, grow, and build new solutions – together.

Do you share our way of thinking? Rent a desk or a flexible office, host a knowledge driven event, book a conference, join an innovation program, or just stop by.

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3 houses, 500+ companies, 6000+ members.

Epicenter Impact Report 2023

Introducing the Epicenter Impact Report. A report mapping the impact footprint of our Nordic markets to reflect on how we collectively can build a future where innovation drives a positive societal development with more opportunities for future generations.


How do we make the Nordics an impact hub of the world? 


Knowledge is power


"Epicenter is more than a co-working space, it is a community and a partner."

Morten Krogh-Moe Sannsyn AS

Innovating with impact

Meet our Member: Twoday

Twoday delivers plenty of much needed technology services to companies both in the public and private sector. They firmly believe that giving young developers the opportunity to thrive and challenge the status quo is the way to solve the current lack of competence within the field. We had a chat with HR director, Line Årnes, Consulting Managers, Ragnhild G. Johannessen and Petter Hoxmark, and Consultant Paul Fredrik Eilertsen, to deep…

Meet our member: Stack by.me

Why are there less women than men in the financial industry? Why do women invest less than men? And how do we close the gap? These questions are the founding pillars of the investment app Stack by.me.  We had a chat with Co-founders of Stack by.me, Madeleine Bjørnestad Røed and Christine Kvaalen to get to know them - and what makes them tick.   Could you please introduce Stack by.me…

Meet our member: Awake

Awake is a communication agency with a twist - and of course a member at Epicenter. We wanted to get to know these sustainability driven ladies a little better and hear from the source: What is it that makes Awake tick?   How and why was Awake founded?  Awake is a communication agency with a twist. As two passionate female founders, we wanted to create a purpose-driven agency with a…

Metaverse and Retail: How will the Metaverse disrupt the retail value chain?

October 27th Epicenter Oslo co-hosted an event with Sopra Steria about the Metaverse in relation to the retail industry. The topic at hand was: will the Metaverse disrupt the retail value chain? And if so, how? We welcomed Sopra Steria’s very own experts on virtual reality, Erik Eskedal, Jelmer Verhoog and Scott Leaman, Meta Vertical Lead, Nina Hareide, and CEO of Wilfa, Morten Hoff to the stage to share their…

Digitalisation of Properties - and how you reach higher impact when collaborating within an industry

At Epicenter we believe that we reach more impact when we collaborate within and across industries, businesses and even competitors. With our clusters we gather companies and individuals around a common challenge or question that we innovate around together.  One example of this is our PropTech cluster REDI.City - a group of companies and individuals with passion that have launched an initiative with a mission to make real estate better,…

How to turn the office into a destination

On November 15th, Entra hosted an event at Epicenter about turning the office into a destination. We were there, of course, and as we already think Epicenter is in fact a destination, we felt right at home. Here’s a short summary of the event and the topic at hand: How do we get people back to the office?     After a huge transformation related to how we all think about…
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