Event Spaces at Epicenter Helsinki

We have versatile and flexible event spaces available for your next event, seminar, conference, party, stream… You name it. Check them out below!


Our largest event space is a magnificent living room-styled lounge furnished in a modern, yet upscale style. Our Lounge is equipped with a monumental 173" screen and bright lights to create an energizing ambiance. The space is adjustable and versatile: it holds cinema-styled seating at the back end of the venue, but can also be turned into a beautiful hall for dinners or cocktail parties. The entire space is connected to our in-house restaurant, Xaviér, run by the famous top chef Arto Rastas and guarantees delicious, top-quality food.
Fits up to 300 people
Moveable door that can separate the space into multiple venues
Professional AV system

Disruption Hall

Located on the 1st floor, next to the magnificent Epicenter Lounge, you'll find this expansive conference room. The Disruption Hall is equipped with two large 85" and 100" screens and can be adjusted to different types of events. Extremely versatile Disruption Hall can be set up with cinema-styled seating, meeting area or various table forms. The room is right next to our in-house restaurant, Xaviér, which guarantees delicious and top-quality food for all of our events.
Fits up to 100 people and various set up possibilities
Order breakfast, lunches, coffee service and dinners through our in-house restaurant Xaviér
Professional AV system

Revelation Space

Situated on the 2nd floor, you’ll find the Revelation Space. In a similar fashion to the Disruption Hall and Epicenter Lounge, also the Revelation Space can be separated into two spaces. The Revelation Space works perfectly for seminars, presentations, conferences or workshops and can offer a more secluded feel. The room is equipped with two large screens and it can hold up to 120 people. Our in-house restaurant, Xavier, that is run by the famous top chef Hans Välimäki, caters to all our events and will ensure top quality food for any conference or seminar alike.
Fits up to 120 people.
2 TV-Screens 85"
Moveable door that can separate the space into two venues
Perfect for seminars, presentations and workshops

Conference Rooms

With our conference rooms in all sizes we can help you find a room just to your needs. Whether you are 2 or 50 people we have the space! Get creative, eat lunch at our restaurant, and get inspired by the Epicenter Ecosystem for a day.. or two?
Meetings for 2-50 people
Live and hybrid options

At your service

To help you create an extraordinary event, we have broken down our way of working in four major blocks. Do you want to be creative together and nail a strong concept or do you want help with incorporating events into your business strategy? You decide. We’re with you all the way.

Creation and concept

This is all about finding that concept that makes your event a unique and memorable experience. How do you create an event that fits your audience and stays with them long after they check out? We help you with the creative process and packaging of that concept.

Event and business strategy

How should you as a business work with events to excel your business goals? We help you find new ways to reach and engage with your audience by building an event strategy that serves your business strategy.

Event production

Do you have a clear idea of the event you want to create and now look for the experts to make it all come to life? Our event agency has years of experience in producing and delivering high-quality events in physical, digital, and hybrid formats.

Event evaluation and documentation

Last but not least we help you understand the true impact of your event. Did you reach your goals? What were the key learnings and takeaways? And what do you bring with you to future events? We help you gather all that information in an understandable and presentable way.

Our upcoming events


"Epicenter is not just an amazing place to work, it’s also a vibrant ecosystem where synergies could transform the world."

Andro Lindsay Founder & CEO, Lindsay & Partners

Innovating with impact

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The Power of the Modern Business Ecosystem

During Oslo Innovation Week this year SMOC.ai and Epicenter co-hosted an event about the power of modern business ecosystems. This event sought to both educate and inspire the 200 people in the audience to get a deeper understanding of what a business ecosystem is, and how we are both responsible for (and reliant on) them to thrive, both in business, and as a species.    Event host, Matt Smith, introduced…

Enterprise Singapore partners with Nordic expertise to support local entrepreneurs in their international growth

Stockholm, home to companies like Spotify, iZettle, and Minecraft. Oslo, home to EcoOnline, Ignite Procurement and Spacemaker. Helsinki, home to Wolt, Supercell, and Aiven. The Nordics is a unique place for innovation and producing global tech unicorns. South Korea and Singapore are now teaming up with Nordic Innovation House Epicenter to provide their most promising local startups with a scaleup program designed to gain insights into the Nordic model for…

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Dash Retail supports companies' success on Amazon retail platforms

Dash Retail Consulting is a strategic consultancy that helps brands to sell more successfully on the Amazon retail platforms globally. The company provides service for clients across the whole of Western Europe.  Dash Retail has client service and top-level consulting teams in each market, while our talented specialists in Helsinki handle the heavy-lifting and technical aspects. Every client enjoys the benefits of outstanding client service and strong local expertise, combined…

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Propely is a prop-tech company that offers a consolidated platform for everything a landlord needs to run their estates smoothly. They are also a valued member of the Epicenter community. We had a chat with their CEO and Founder, Kristoffer Moe Lundquist, to learn more about who they are and what their plans are:  Could you please introduce Propely and your team? Propely was founded back in 2019 to develop…
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