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Do you want to be part of the most innovative community in Helsinki? Whether it’s just you and your laptop, or your entire team, you will find a membership that suits your needs. No long-term contracts and with a creative community included.

Flex membership

For a laptop-only-situation or a smaller company without a need for a fixed space. Our Flex memberships are perfect for those in need of a business address and from time to time an open landscape desk.
Growing companies needing flexible workspace
Independent entrepreneurs and startups
Smaller companies or project groups with 1 to 4 members

Loft Membership

A unique choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for an innovative community without forgetting our comprehensive in-house services. The spaces at the Loft are effortlessly adjustable for companies' needs today and in the unpredictable future.
Private workspace in the heart of the Epicenter community
For independent entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups
Unlimited meeting room use
Unique style coworking space

Partner Desk

A permanent desk in our open and creative landscape. Fitted screens for privacy, a private locker for storage, and a dedicated desk to bring ideas to reality.
Independent entrepreneurs and scale-ups in need of a dedicated desk
Groups up to 8 people located in an open innovative environment

Corporate membership

For bigger companies looking for a creative additional space to your home office. A place to work, meet, and learn new innovations and opportunities in the center of Helsinki.
Larger companies that want to tap into an innovative community centrally located in Helsinki

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"As far as work environments go, Epicenter cannot be beat. Trust me, I know work environments!"

Rick Aller CEO & Co-Founder of 720°

Innovating with impact

Join us at Future Workspace 2022 Report Launch

Did you know that only 2% of knowledge workers in Finland feel they are currently working in a perfect workspace? And that 81% of workers would consider turning down a job offer if the workspace didn't fulfill their expectations? We wanted to improve our understanding of what employees and companies think about the physical workspace and what role it plays in their motivation, productivity, and well-being. To untangle these questions, we…

The Power of the Modern Business Ecosystem

During Oslo Innovation Week this year SMOC.ai and Epicenter co-hosted an event about the power of modern business ecosystems. This event sought to both educate and inspire the 200 people in the audience to get a deeper understanding of what a business ecosystem is, and how we are both responsible for (and reliant on) them to thrive, both in business, and as a species.    Event host, Matt Smith, introduced…

Enterprise Singapore partners with Nordic expertise to support local entrepreneurs in their international growth

Stockholm, home to companies like Spotify, iZettle, and Minecraft. Oslo, home to EcoOnline, Ignite Procurement and Spacemaker. Helsinki, home to Wolt, Supercell, and Aiven. The Nordics is a unique place for innovation and producing global tech unicorns. South Korea and Singapore are now teaming up with Nordic Innovation House Epicenter to provide their most promising local startups with a scaleup program designed to gain insights into the Nordic model for…

The future workspace - How business leaders can utilize the workspace as a strategic tool for growth

Over the past ten years a lot has happened to how we view the workspace as a result of multiple factors, such as the tech race, the pandemic and digitisation. What these factors have in common is that they have contributed to shifting what your most important resources - your employees - require from the workspace, and how it should fuel innovation and growth within your business.   What is…

Dash Retail supports companies' success on Amazon retail platforms

Dash Retail Consulting is a strategic consultancy that helps brands to sell more successfully on the Amazon retail platforms globally. The company provides service for clients across the whole of Western Europe.  Dash Retail has client service and top-level consulting teams in each market, while our talented specialists in Helsinki handle the heavy-lifting and technical aspects. Every client enjoys the benefits of outstanding client service and strong local expertise, combined…

Meet our member: Propely

Propely is a prop-tech company that offers a consolidated platform for everything a landlord needs to run their estates smoothly. They are also a valued member of the Epicenter community. We had a chat with their CEO and Founder, Kristoffer Moe Lundquist, to learn more about who they are and what their plans are:  Could you please introduce Propely and your team? Propely was founded back in 2019 to develop…
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