Application for Fall 2023 Cohort of Nordic Scalers: Now Open

Innovation with impact happens when there is an attitude, supported by a vision and a clear strategy.


Will you take this unique opportunity to accelerate your growth? Nordic Scalers is back – the program that seeks to build the world’s best scaleup ecosystem for learning, knowledge sharing, hands-on support, and developing networks.


  • Application closes: 8th of October 2023
  • Program starts: 25th of October 2023
  • Program ends: 31st of January 2024
  • For Scaleups with 2M Euro or more in turnover.

600+ companies, 6000+ members

Epicenter Impact Report 2023

Introducing the Epicenter Impact Report. A report mapping the impact footprint of our Nordic markets to reflect on how we collectively can build a future where innovation drives a positive societal development with more opportunities for future generations.


How do we make the Nordics an impact hub of the world?

Welcome to Epicenter Stockholm

This is the place where people come together to share society changing thoughts. To co-create and make ideas leave the desk and become reality. A meeting arena where companies can collaborate, grow, and build new solutions – together.

Do you share our way of thinking? Rent a desk or a flexible office, host a knowledge driven event, book a conference, join an innovation program, or just stop by.

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"The vibrant entrepreneurial community, access to valuable resources, and networking opportunities have been instrumental in our journey. We chose Epicenter for its exceptional ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth."

Roger Dupé Founder of Melyon

Innovating with impact

Meet Roger Dupé

In the world of skincare, there is a visionary entrepreneur who spearheads a movement that challenges beauty industry norms and fosters inclusivity. Meet Roger Dupé, the renowned model with no aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, but with a strong drive and commitment to solve a major issue. Let us delve into the skincare industry, inside the bottle, under the skin and Roger’s ingredients for success. From Concern to Creation Melyon…

Meet Robin Delselius

Beer made out of leftover bread? Meet the brain behind the bakery that has been making waves in Stockholm with its innovative concept and commitment to sustainability. In February 2023, Robin Delselius Bakery became the in-house restaurant at Epicenter, as a result of Robin's experience of the vibrant community and creative space. We sat down to learn more about the history, present and exciting future of Robin Delselius Bakery -…

The office space - a costly burden or a pivotal factor for growth?

The pace of change is relentless, and nowhere is this more evident than in the evolving nature of office spaces. Tap the link below to get insights from Patrick Mesterton, CEO and Co-founder of Epicenter, as he shares his valuable insights on how the workplace can serve as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and innovation, rather than a burdensome expense. This crucial topic was also highlighted on stage by Patrick…

Introducing Elements Stockholm

SPRING 2024, MOOD DISTRICT: AMF Fastigheter AB enters a new collaboration with the Epicenter founders Ola Ahlvarsson and Patrick Mesterton. Let us proudly announce Elements Stockholm - a brand new hub for the most important issues of our time that brings together businesses in dynamic clusters. A modern sustainable office space where innovation and collaboration are top of mind. This was announced at SIME 2023: Catching the Next Wave on…

Meet Charlotte Dunhoff - Founder of Booky

No big dreams about becoming an entrepreneur, but here she is. Founder of 3mintalk, Profile Agency and now the rising star Booky. We sat down at Epicenter to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey - meet Charlotte Dunhoff! How “coincidence” led to success Charlotte’s entrepreneurial journey started when she was 24 years old, combining her studies and working with an international speaker and researcher at Stockholm School of Economics. During…

Meet Nisha Besara - Moderator, Speaker, Advisor & Board Member

Twenty years of experience from politics, media, culture/arts, consulting and almost fifteen of them in managing positions. On top of that, Speaker of the Year in 2017 in the category Moderator. Meet Epicenter member Nisha Besara -  freelancing moderator, speaker, advisor and board member! We sat down here at Epicenter to learn more about her work life experience and future plans.  Making an Impact on People and Industries With her…