Workspaces of the future.

Looking for an inspiring workspace? Take a look at our flexible studios and private offices. Feel the vibe of functionality and prestige at Epicenter – with our creative community included.

Join an innovative community and collaborative workspace that includes in-house services and versatile networking opportunities.

Private Studios

Need a smart, modern, studio office for you and your team? We can offer a home base in the heart of the buzzing community accommodating up to 12 people.
Fits up to 12 people
Active community included

Private Offices

A completely private office space in the center of Helsinki with 24/7 access to the global and innovative Epicenter community.
Larger companies with room for 12–500 people looking for a private space in the city centre of Helsinki.
Office space in an inspirational environment that encourages networking and digital innovation.

Available now – with full service

It does not happe too oftern, but we do have some spaces available. See the options below.

10 person studio

Welcome to our 10-person studio, nestled in the heart of Helsinki - a dedicated workspace designed to ignite your team's creativity! Immerse yourself in an exciting environment where you'll not only enjoy the benefits of a vibrant community, central location, and all-inclusive service, including monthly usage of meeting facilities, but also have the opportunity to participate in thrilling community events. Embrace the perfect blend of privacy and networking opportunities, empowering your team to unleash its full potential and thrive in the most inspiring setting!

All offices include

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