Dec 9, 2020

3D experience is the next step to scale up virtual meetings and gatherings

Wouldn’t it be great to get a little more buzz to virtual events and meetings? In order to avoid unnecessary visits to the fridge at your home office during a virtual meeting, its content has to offer you engagement beyond ordinary. To upgrade into sparkly events in 3D motion, a solution might just be at your fingertips; one that will leave you not wanting to retu...
Oct 5, 2020

How can VR/AR help us create fun and people-centric virtual experiences?

Everybody: stay home. Those three words came as a worldwide shock earlier this year. Lockdown. Many traditional offices closed their doors. Social life plummeted. How were we supposed to stay connected, working and engaged? Overnight, most of us jumped on Zoom, Teams, Skype calls. The old “this could have been an email” joke became “this could have been a phone call”. While useful, some of ...
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