KPA Unicon is a Finnish company that has been an advocate of clean, renewable energy since 1990. The company creates and implements new clean energy solutions around the world. It also upgrades existing production systems with renewable energy technologies and equips energy producers with innovative digital tools.

The company aims to be at the forefront of the debate for clean energy and to provide added value to its partners. KPA Unicon is a part of Partners Business Group, which creates shareholder value and a more sustainable future through its operations. Partners Corporation is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

“At KPA Unicon we are always future oriented – we deliver tomorrow’s energy solutions today. We facilitate innovative clean energy solutions that help strengthen our client’s businesses, so that they may improve their local economy and enhance the well-being of the people they serve for generations to come”, describes KPA Unicon’s Marketing Coordinator Jonna Kovanen

KPA Unicon has been an Epicenter member since May, 2021.

“The most inspiring thing about Epicenter is the working space, general vibe and atmosphere. We have a very innovative team and we get easily inspired from other people as well. We hope to connect with more people from the Epicenter ecosystem in the future.”

The company has a clear vision towards the future and how they are going to contribute as a trailblazer.

“In the future we keep on making our world better and change lives through clean energy innovations. We supply clean energy solutions (boiler plants, power plants) around the world.” 

Read more about KPA Unicon from their website or connect/follow in LinkedIn.


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