This week marks International Brain Week, a global campaign celebrated since 1996. Recognised by companies, individuals and professionals across the globe, the week aims at increasing public awareness and support about the progress and benefits of brain research.

The brain is the most important muscle of the human body with over one hundred billion neurons – the same as the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy – running information with trillions of connections for everything we see, think, or do. Its complex entity is little discussed and perhaps even less commonly understood, regardless of the pivotal role it plays in our daily existence. Therefore, in celebration of the special week, we believed it was appropriate to consider how the brain affects various aspects of our lives, such as learning and innovation.

As entrepreneurs and industry professionals, creativity, innovation and generating winning ideas are areas that help us stay ahead of the curve. These contributing factors to successful ventures are in fact the end results of a healthy and well-functioning brain, one that is constantly trained to work better and optimised to its full potential.

To contribute to the brain awareness week and spark a discussion around the theme, Epicenter Country Manager Riikka Jakovuori and Chief Creative Officer Reidar Wasenius from Breaks Finland sat down together to discuss topics surrounding the brain, its endurance, and how the brain can be activated successfully.

“The human brain is like a muscle, and training your brain is a continuous task. — Here, time and consistency both play an essential role in achieving results”, underlines Wasenius.

Make sure to watch the full recorded discussion* below!

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*Language: Finnish.

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