30th of september Epicenter hosted Scale-up Summit Oslo as part of this year’s Oslo Innovation week. We invited some inspiring and insightful speakers to share their knowledge on how companies can succeed with today’s major scale-up challenges.

Klara Vatn is Head of Design at Spacemaker. She is a digital product designer with 18 years experience designing great products, specialised in combining the design process with an agile mindset. The last three years she has been using all her experience to disrupt the way we design our cities, building both the Spacemaker product and organisation from scratch.

Scale-up growing pains: finding and developing talent can be a pain. But how do you retain talent, develop a strong company culture while going from a few to many employees? And how do you make sure your team is strong enough to hold through this growth stage? 

Klara Vatn shared some interesting thoughts on how to develop a good company culture and how to retain talent. Making sure every employer shares your company’s vision and having a common goal to work around is crucial. 

“The first thing when we recruit is to make sure that the ones who are going to work with us are on board with our vision. Without it you are going to fail. To have vision driven people is essential” – Klara Vatn says. 

Part of the reason for Spacemaker’s success is how the company is organized, according to Vatn. The basis in the company is the autonomous teams who collaborate to solve their mission. To make this company-culture function at its best,  Spacemaker works to be aligned, both overall and on a day to day alignment. 

This way actually scales, you can have as many teams as possible and you don’t have to build such a hierarchy organisation. If you can scale your culture and your way of working – then you can scale your company” – Klara Vatn.

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