Oct 14, 2021

Scale-up Summit Oslo: Scale-up growing pains

30th of september Epicenter hosted Scale-up Summit Oslo as part of this year's Oslo Innovation week. We invited some inspiring and insightful speakers to share their knowledge on how companies can succeed with today's major scale-up challenges. Klara Vatn is Head of Design at Spacemaker. She is a digital product designer with 18 years experience designing great products, specialised in com...
Aug 17, 2020

Building the (AI) Future of Legal Work

AI, deep learning in particular, has been a hot topic over the past few years. This technology has been transforming entire industries with its ability to recognize hidden patterns in troves of unstructured data and to make accurate decisions based on the learned patterns and commonalities. Today, it is impossible to imagine a marketplace not using deep learning to match the user’s preferences...
Aug 17, 2020

IP for startups – what does an investor look for when it comes to your IP rights?

Protection of intellectual properties (IP) such as your patents, brands and designs can be strategically crucial not only for large corporates. It might hide large values also for startup and scale-up companies. Studies find that small and medium sized companies with IP protection programs has a 20% better chance to succeed with their growth plans, compared to equal sized companies without IP ...
Jun 4, 2020

Creating a tool for saving money on procurement, is so smart you should automatically get a price!

At least that's our opinion. And even though winning the national VEXT program was no automatic process for our members at Ignite Procurement, we are happy to congratulate them with the award that was announced today, Thursday 4th June 2020. We had a chat with their CEO and Co-Founder Sigbjørn Nome, after the announcement was made. The jury of the VEXT program getting ready to interview th...
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