Welcome to Epicenter Oslo

This is the place where people come together to share society changing thoughts. To co-create and make ideas leave the desk and become reality. A meeting arena where companies can collaborate, grow, and build new solutions – together.

Do you share our way of thinking? Rent a desk or a flexible office, host a knowledge driven event, book a conference, join an innovation program, or just stop by.

See you at Epicenter!

3 houses, 500+ companies, 6000+ members.

Epicenter Impact Report 2023

Introducing the Epicenter Impact Report. A report mapping the impact footprint of our Nordic markets to reflect on how we collectively can build a future where innovation drives a positive societal development with more opportunities for future generations.


How do we make the Nordics an impact hub of the world? 


Knowledge is power


"We were impressed by Epicenter’s eagerness to create a successful and welcoming community. They chase the next success story among their members, and encourage the community to engage in the potential synergies between members."

Endre Soltvedt Brakstad CCO, Apphuset

Innovating with impact

The power of marketing events in business strategy- part 1

Marketing and events have a lot in common: both are about creating connections, communicate a message, creating value and leaving a lasting impression, and when you combine marketing and events, they form marketing events - a powerful tool that. combines the strategic goals of marketing with the dynamic experience of events - and this is where the magic happens. Marketing events are specialized events designed to promote a business, product…

Get to know our members: Christoffer Omberg

Welcome to the “fire round” - our series where we shine a light on the talented individuals and businesses in our community. Each member spotlight offers an opportunity to celebrate our community’s success stories and get to know our members a little better. First up is Christoffer Omberg, CEO and co-founder of Oslo Business Forum, who is dedicated to empowering leaders to make a global impact. Let’s explore more about…

Harvesting the power of we - The immense value of hosting social events for your employees.

In this economy it is easy to think that cutting social internal events is a good way to keep costs down. And it might be short term, but baby think twice before you let your CFO take away your event budget. It might come back to haunt you…   Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty Social company events such as summer parties provide an opportunity for employees to connect with their colleagues and…

Tappin x Epicenter Oslo - A future centric collaboration adding more magic to your event

A new way of thinking In a world where technology and collaboration shape the future, Tappin and Epicenter Oslo have joined forces to enhance the experience of organizing and participating in events. This dynamic collaboration marks the beginning of a partnership where ideas and solutions create unique experiences.   Epicenter - A home for innovation The innovation house, Epicenter, has established itself as a leading venue for events, collaboration, and…

How to use the workspace to fuel your business growth

A talk with Epicenter Co-Founder and CEO Patrick Mesterton. Meet Patrick Mesterton, Founder and CEO of Epicenter. He founded Epicenter based on an identified need for a new type of model for the workspace. A space where new ideas could be born, where companies could collaborate and really grow. Epicenter was founded on the premise to become the first working innovation ecosystem. In this interview, Patrick tells us more on…

Checklist: Signing your next workspace

A checklist tool for company leaders and CEOs looking to scale their companies & teams.  When standing in front of the decision to change the place from where your team is building the future of your business there are a lot of critical things to think about. To end up in the wrong place or in the wrong type of contract could hurt your business badly. In order to avoid…
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