Apr 29, 2021

Brand suitability can increase the effect of advertising by 750%!

The argument for behavioral advertising is that you as an advertiser can reach the target audience at all times. Regardless of what kind of article or website the person visits when the ad is displayed. With contextual advertising in Kobler, no personal data is collected, ads are displayed here based solely on the content of the article where the ad is displayed. What really works best? ...
Apr 6, 2021

Making better business decisions with big data!

Data is a valuable resource that all businesses must tap into. What was once a seemingly abstract concept used only in software development textbooks has now become a sort of secondary currency in the world of business. Every interaction, communication with the client, service package, strategy, business plan, etc. add up to important data for analysis. Sannsyn is a global leader in Data En...
Mar 9, 2021

How can I improve my LinkedIn profile?

Should I post something to my LinkedIn profile every day? Do I add people I have never met? And should I accept invitations from people I don't really know? One of Scandinavia's leading experts on LinkedIn profiles, Christoffer Bertilsson, hosted a webinar about how to improve your LinkedIn profile at our Epicenter Digital platform. Through the webinar he came up with some really interestin...
Mar 1, 2021

Don’t change your workplace strategy without listening to your employees!

The covid 19 pandemic has been a door opener for new, digital mindsets and a rapid game changer for the way employers and employees think about work situations. Amongst the largest corporations we find that many has already started to change strategies around the way we work. The most important topic to consider once we implement and change strategies, is to be critical to the reason why we ch...
Nov 5, 2020

The future of work

We are living in extraordinary times. The way we live, work and do business is being disrupted. Working from home has proven itself to be efficient. BUT – does that really mean that employees want to spend all of their working life at home? Let’s find out! We asked 200 of our members within our tech savvy business environment around the topic of the future of work. Now that a majority ha...
Aug 17, 2020

IP for startups – what does an investor look for when it comes to your IP rights?

Protection of intellectual properties (IP) such as your patents, brands and designs can be strategically crucial not only for large corporates. It might hide large values also for startup and scale-up companies. Studies find that small and medium sized companies with IP protection programs has a 20% better chance to succeed with their growth plans, compared to equal sized companies without IP ...
Jun 4, 2020

Creating a tool for saving money on procurement, is so smart you should automatically get a price!

At least that's our opinion. And even though winning the national VEXT program was no automatic process for our members at Ignite Procurement, we are happy to congratulate them with the award that was announced today, Thursday 4th June 2020. We had a chat with their CEO and Co-Founder Sigbjørn Nome, after the announcement was made. The jury of the VEXT program getting ready to interview th...
Apr 5, 2020

Communication in times of crisis

What is appropriate to communicate in times of crisis? The question keeps popping up and many B2B marketers are today faced with the same challenge. Pretending like nothing has happened doesn’t exactly seem like the way to go, but just shutting all marketing down doesn’t either. To get some clarity in this question, we have turned to some really good friends within the Epicenter community. B2B...
Apr 5, 2020

Six tips to succeed with virtual meetings

Covid 19 specific communication Do you ever mute your microphone and secretly read your mail during Skype meetings? Are you one of those who wait as long as possible, hoping some of the other participants will say something when a question is asked? Communication trainer Hanne Lindbæk from Ergo;Ego shares six tips to break old habits and succeed with virtual meetings. 1. GET INVOLVED! Hanne's first advice is to be invo...
Apr 4, 2020

How to survive Corona as a startup

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has not exactly been good news for startup companies across the world. These are difficult times and the upcoming weeks and months will tell us more about which businesses will make it. Many startups find themselves in the midst of a defining moment and what they choose to do, or not do will have a huge impact on their future. Within the Epicenter community, ...
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