Jun 30, 2020

Epicenter chosen as partner and base for a new Korea Startup Center

korea startup center at epicenter

The diplomatic relations between Sweden and Korea goes back more than 60 years. This relationship is now entering a new era by establishing the Korea Startup Center (K-Startup Center Stockholm) on Swedish grounds. As Stockholm’s first House of Digital Innovation, Epicenter is partnering up with the most innovative country in the world. What a match made in heaven! Thrilled to take on some of Koreas most promising Startups and support their international growth through an accelerator program!

And why Stockholm you may wonder?

If you look at Stockholm’s track record of producing unicorns within the digital field, we’re actually right behind Silicon Valley per capita. If there’s a need of helping Startups become more international – Stockholm can therefore count as a pretty solid springboard.

Helping Korean Startups, becoming Scaleups

Despite the high level of innovation and technological advancement in Korea, the country sees that there is a need to help its startups get better conditions to grow as a company, globally. The election fell on Stockholm as one of only four cities to establish the Korea Startup Center in.

Epicenter Stockholm is a unique environment when it comes to getting startups, scaleups and large companies to grow faster and drive digital innovation. “We will offer customized programs with the goal of creating the best conditions for the Korean companies to go from being Startups to becoming Scaleups”, says Jack Melcher-Claësson, Epicenter’s own Head of Startups.

Korea Startup Center adds another element to the Epicenter ecosystem

“Through this partnership, we add another dimension of diversity to our ecosystem. We are convinced that there is a lot to learn from each other. Are you an Epicenter member interested in getting to know the Korean market better? Here’s your golden opportunity! The doors to K-Startup Center Stockholm will always be open to exciting members.”, Jack Melcher-Claësson continues.

Korea Startup Center physically opens its doors at Epicenter this fall, and preparations are already underway. During the spring, a large number of Korean startups have applied for the program. For more details on the program, click here.

Business Sweden putting Stockholm on the map

The work of supporting Startups is perhaps more important than ever. On top of that, cross-border collaboration and the exchange of knowledge are key components to get the world economy back on its feet. For these reasons, we’re hoping that the Covid19-situation won’t lead to any delays.
Stockholm was chosen over cities such as London, Berlin and Paris. Here, Business Sweden has been a strong contributor.

“One of Business Sweden’s mission is to attract both international talent and companies to establish operations in Sweden. With the establishment of the Korea Startup Center, with Epicenter as a physical base, ideal conditions are created to generate value for both the Swedish innovation ecosystem and Swedish innovation-driven companies”, says Nicklas Lundin, Investment Advisor at Business Sweden.

“K-Startup Center Stockholm will also be a bridge for Swedish companies that want to scale and find partners or investors from Asia. From 5G to K-pop, in Korea, there will be prime conditions for testing new ideas,” continues Marie Claire Maxwell, responsible tech and start-up efforts for Business Sweden in Asia.

And who will be at opening ceremony?

Well, on the list you can expect Park Young-sun, Korean Minister of SME’s & Startups. And on top pf that Sweden’s Minister of Enterprise, Ibrahim Baylan. Can’t wait to show them Epicenter and introduce them to the community!

Jack Melcher-Claësson is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the collaboration. Just pop him an email at jack@epicenterstockholm.com.

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