Jun 14, 2021

Future Ordering and the transformation of the restaurant industry

Meet Epicenter member, Future Ordering - a digital ordering platform working to disrupt the global restaurant industry. The Future Ordering platform is enabling restaurants to offer their customers an ordering experience directly through app, web, or self-service kiosks. The company is today powering some of the most profitable and innovative restaurant chains, are deployed across 10...
Jan 11, 2021

Does business competitiveness rely on individual’s capability to lead emotions or will AI manage it all?

Leading with emotions has been the it word for some time, but nevertheless, its importance is not going to vanish, even if AI is taking huge leaps in every direction. On the contrary, emotions are directly needed in 2021, when leading has been shifted to virtual channels and face-to-face interaction has been scarce, says Epicenter’s Fireside chat guest, forerunner of emotional l...
Nov 4, 2020

How to build a value driven community

image of a value driven community Belonging to a community is now more important than ever. And why is that? Well, individuals and companies feel a need to connect. In the pandemic that we’re currently in, The Epicenter-community-vibe is still standing strong and you’ll feel it as soon as you walk in the doors. In October 2020, we asked 200 of our members to give their thoughts on the value of belonging to a community, whe...
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