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Event Spaces at Epicenter Stockholm

We have a variety of event spaces available for your next event. Check them out below!

Disruption Hall

Price upon request
Our largest event space with our iconic screen wall is perfect for your next event experience: digital, physical, or hybrid. Go with a normal theatre-style setup to host up to 230 guests, or decide to transform the area into a mingle space that can take up to 300 people. Contact us to see what different setups can be created to make your event a great success!
- Digital studio with various camera set up and stage
- Fits up to 300 people for a mingle event and 230 in theatre style
- 289 square meters
- Big LED screen wall
- Headsets & microphones
- PA system & live stream camera
- Entrance screen for branding
- Modular furniture, walls & stage
- Registration area, mingle/coffee & private foyer with restrooms


Price upon request
Terassen (The Terrace) is our indoor entresol with an outdoor feeling and a glass ceiling in the heart of Epicenter. This green and open space feels like summer all year round. It’s a perfect place to host everything from a mingle event to an exclusive gala dinner, or why not your next exhibition? With a good sound system, a large screen, a projector, and a movable stage with multiple sections we can create a perfect setting for your next event.
- A flexible setup in a vibrant atmosphere
- Fits up to 300 people in a mingle setting
- 300 square meters
- Projector and screen
- Headsets and hand held mic
- Movable stage and furniture


Price upon request
With natural light flooding the room creating a cozy ambiance, the Technium event space is the perfect room for up to 40 people to enjoy presentations, workshops, and much more. Just behind the wall, you will find our Cozy Corner Lounge, perfect for mingles, smaller group talks, or your afternoon coffee break. Create the setup that you need. This room can help you create magic!
- Fits up to 45 people
- 45 sqare meters
- 98’ screen
- BOSE sound system
- Modular furniture
- Possibility to add our Cozy Corner lounge area

Meeting & Conference rooms

Price upon request
With our 20 conference rooms of all sizes, we can help you find a room just for your needs. From 2 to 20 people, we have the space that you need! Get creative, eat lunch at our restaurant, and get inspired by the Epicenter Ecosystem for a day.. or two?
- Fits 2-20 people
- TV screen 65''-85''
- White boards
- HDMI + VGA connectors
- Telephone
- Equipped with bluetooth conference
- Sound system

At your service

To help you create an extraordinary event, we have broken down our way of working in four major blocks. Do you want to be creative together and nail a strong concept, or do you want help with incorporating events into your business strategy? You decide. We’re with you all the way.

Creation & Concept

This is all about finding that concept that makes your event a unique and memorable experience. How do you create an event that fits your audience and stays with them long after they’ve checked out? We help you with the creative process and packaging of that.

Event & Business Strategy

How should you as a business work with events to excel your business goals? We help you find new ways to reach and engage with your audience by building an event strategy that serves your business.

Event Production

Do you have a clear idea of the event you want to create and now look for the experts to make it all come to life? Our event agency has years of experience in producing and delivering high-quality events in physical, digital, and hybrid formats.

Event Evaluation & Documentation

Last but not least we help you understand the true impact of your event. Did you reach your goals? What were the key learnings and takeaways? And what do you bring with you to future events? We help you gather all that information in an understandable and presentable way.

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"Epicenter is the only physical place in Stockholm that is vibrant and active enough to succeed in attracting the strongest developers."

Jean-Francois Moreau Studio Lead, Devoteam Creative Tech

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