A platform to deepen connections between Korean and Sweden

A dedicated space for Korea Startup Center is being finalized at Epicenter in June 2020. This area will be open to Korean companies during the year, as a base for approaching Sweden and the Nordic region as a market. Epicenter members that are interested in doing business with Korea in one way or another, are welcome to use this surface to get to know Korea better, as it will also be staffed by 2 people from K-Startup Center Stockholm.

An accelerator program for Korean Startups the Epicenter way

Later in the year, the “programs” kick in, as follows:

  • Last week of August: 1 week “Pre program” with 20 Startups of 2 people from each company will come to Epicenter Stockholm, get intro to Sweden and the Nordic countries, receive active matchmaking and a taste of what it could mean to have Epicenter as a base. Epicenter is part of selection process of startups coming from Korea to Stockholm, and will aid in matching with relevant companies in our eco-system.
  • Oct-Dec: 10-week Accelerate Program. Of the 20 companies, 10 companies are then selected, which will return in the fall and then spend 10 weeks with us, in a program that in many ways resembles the Accelerator program we are already running, with tailored tweaks to fit the lineup of selected Korean startups.

We will primarily focus on companies within AI, FinTech and Gaming, but have open doors to more industries if the startup is a high potential one.

Want to learn more about the collaboration between K-Startup Center Stockholm and Epicenter? ?

Interested in knowing more about the partnership between K-Startup Center Stockholm and Epicenter? Make sure to reach out to Jack Melcher-Claësson, Head of Startups, at jack@epicenterstockholm.com

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