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The biggest challenge of the Swedish tech industry is the lack of programmers and developers. Numbers show us that an increase of 70 000 programmers and developers wil be needed by the year 2022. And that is just two years away. More coding schools like the one at Epicenter Campus, could be part of the solution.

The tech industry has a responsibility and must do more in order to help young people become successful in the field. That is why Epicenter Campus, in 2019 started a unique coding school in collaboration with SALT School of Applied Technology. As a result, the Swedish tech industry gained over 90 new developers last year. Christian Kaunissaar, CTO at Flowbox says:

“Finding the right people is an incredible challenge. We as a company as well as the whole industry is facing this problem. That’s why this initiative is so great. It creates new platforms from where companies can recruit developers with the right skills. It is a game changer and makes us more competitive and strengthens us going forward.”

Diversity has been prominent with 30 percent female participants and 28 different nationalities. With three semesters per year, 30 alumni at a time graduated in 2019. This is after an intense 13-week program focusing on grooming super talents to become successful programmers and developers. The industry is nourished with new skills where alumni go working at tech companies like Telia, Klarna and Flowbox. Not just housing the companies that is changing the way we do business but also opening for new, faster ways, to provide them with talents that help them to grow. Lotta Carlsson, Country Manager for Epicenter Sweden, says:

“We are extremely proud to be part of this initiative and to help solve one of the biggest challenges in the tech industry. The need for programming expertise is not unique to Sweden and as a digital innovation house it is obvious, we should look to invest in other parts of Europe as well.”

We will need 1 million developers by 2022

With the success of SALT Epicenter is ready to take the next step and has opened up a coding school in Amsterdam in January 2020. And outside of Sweden the challenge is even greater. We will also need one million developers in the European tech industry by 2022. Nicole Henning, COO of SALT, says:

“At Salt we have trained brilliant developers and been getting a great response from the industry. The demand is huge. With we feel like we have struck gold. We have found a way to quickly get people with the right talent to where they need to be, injecting business with well needed skills and competence. The results from 2019 really show that we are on the right track and with 2020 just taking off we are ready to take new markets.”

Looking for developers? Hire from the coding school!

Epicenter and Salt has skilled and professional Full Stack JavaScript developers ready for hire throughout the year. Are you in need of developers? Make sure to let us know! And finally, Go here to find out more about the Epicenter Campus and SALT.

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