Epicenter is a community of digital scale-ups, corporates and entrepreneurs and Epicenter Campus was set up because there is a need for programmers. The developers have advanced training in a short amount of time. There is always a graduate for hire to suit your needs. Are you in need of a developers? Let us know!


Find your next coding superstar at Epicenter

With the current lack of technology professionals in Europe, the Swedish tech industry is facing the challenge of recruiting top programmers. That is why Epicenter launched Epicenter Campus. Partnering with the School of Applied Technology, the 12-week developer course on-site at Epicenter Campus is a tough, fully immersive bootcamp taking students from novice to an autonomous Full Stack JavaScript developer. Upon completion, they then have the skills and competencies to work directly with companies inside and outside the Epicenter ecosystem. With big digital companies such as Telia, MRG Gametek and Klarna having recruited programmers from Epicenter Campus already, there’s no doubt that the graduates from the school are really good at what they do.

Need a talented developer?

All throughout the year, Epicenter has digital developers for hire. As Epicenter Campus is part of their education, they have top-of-the-line skills in Full Stack JavaScript and the most up-to-date digital talents. Take a look yourself and request to hire a developer here:


Want to become a developer?

Think you have what it takes to become a coder? At Epicenter Campus you can join an intensive, three-month coding programme for free.

All you have to do is apply and take a test, find out if you’re good enough to join the programme and your full-time coding education at Epicenter is provided free-of-charge. If successful on the course, you can look forward to getting hired by a digital company through Epicenter Campus and have your dream job.


A diverse team of developers

Epicenter knows there needs to be more diversity in the tech industry to mirror the population. This is why Epicenter along with their partner, School of Applied Technology </salt> is committed to a more diverse student pool. In the developer program, the aim is to increase the number of women and people from other countries in Swedish tech. So far, in the first and second batch we have had about 90 students from 14 different countries with 30% of the participants being women. Recruitment for the program is fair and balanced and based on personality, ambition and performance in logic and intelligence tests. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you have the skills, we want you.

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