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On October at Epicenter Helsinki we focus on our personal and professional growth!


During the course of October, we will have a series of masterclasses and workshops to help guide our members stick to their goals. At the beginning of the month everyone creates a short-term goal focusing on one aspect of their personal or professional growth. We’ll also challenge our members to own their growth journeys with weekly challenges. 

You can join in all the events or pick and choose your favorites!

Masterclass: The European Outbound Method

September 29, 8.30–10.30

How do you approach outbound sales? Can you increase sales by leading with compassion and not compliance? What is the biggest reason behind outbound sales failures?

Jan Eriksson together with his employees and clients have developed a holistic method to outbound sales, The European Outbound Method. Across a series of three events we will explore the cornerstones of the method: The Self, The Business and The Outbound System.

Join us at Epicenter to explore the first cornerstone of The European Outbound Method: “The Self”. Jan will provide ideas and tools on how to get more inspired about your own personal growth and future.

Blood Sweat and Cheers

October 3, 16.30–18.30

We’ll give you a tailored recipe for healthy living.

From a single finger-prick blood sample, Nightingale’s technology fast-forwards into your future and gives an estimate of your Healthy Years.

Based on hundreds of thousands of blood samples, hundreds of publications, and Nightingale’s unique blood testing technology, you can see the future of your health, unlike with any other technology.

Workshop: 5 Pillars of growth

October 4, 8.00–10.00

 The changing seasons provide the perfect time for self-care and self-assessment as it gets colder and days become shorter. We are excited to invite you to the kick off of the Growth month featuring Hippo Campus! Hippo Campus is a movement aimed at empowering people to take control of their growth. Founding growth addicts of Hippo Campus, Marine Liesenhoff and Bram van Oijen, will guide you towards an innovative approach to personal growth in the workshop on October 4th.

During this two-hour workshop, you will be invited to kickstart (or continue) your growth journey to become more performant at work and more resilient in life. The Five Growth Pillars framework will serve as a basis for understanding your growth potential. The five pillars consist of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social growth. Subsequently, you will be given the tools to take the first steps of your sustainable growth journey.

Afterwork: Growth Stories

October 5, 16.30–18:30

Hear from two CEOs about their growth journey, successes, and pitfalls.

Mindful Leadership: From Mary Poppins to Special Forces

October 10, 8.00–10:00

Participate in an experiential workshop that not only communicates the core competencies of mindful leadership but also allows you to playfully experiment with bite-sized mindfulness tools. This workshop will give you an understanding of mindful leadership as well as practical methods for cultivating mindful leadership.

Body Movement: How to stay physically active at work

October 10, 13.00–14.00

Exercise at work can help reduce stress and prevent illness. Sitting and standing for hours on end can have a drastically negative impact on your health. According to WHO, more than 1.4 billion adults globally are not getting enough exercise. Common ailments can be traced to lack of exercise. Back pain, risk of developing cancer or depression also increases with a sedentary lifestyle.

So what happens when you become more active and take regular breaks from your desk? You become more productive, your body feels better and your mind and energy levels will become positively affected too.

Master trainer, and body movement expert, Sebastian Selenius will showcase exercises and small movements you can incorporate into your daily work routine to improve your mental and physical health.

Workshop: Public speaking by Reidar Wasenius

October 27, 8.30–10.00

Learn to sound convincing in a studio and on stage.

Our coach is Epicenter member Reidar Wasenius, Personal Brainer and CCO of Breaks Finland. His voice is being heard by more people on the planet than any other Finnish voice right now. He has been heard for over 40 years in radio, 30 years in our telephones, 8 years on board Finnish trains and in many other places. In this workshop, you will gain useful insights and practical methods to sound better in front of an audience or in a broadcast.

The Secret Sauce of Successful Team Growth

October 28, 8.30–10.00

Do you want to take your team to a next level?

Do you want to learn how to ensure high performance and proactiveness in your team?

Nowadays most of the work people do happens in various team formats. There are many kinds of teams;  ad hoc teams like project teams, deal teams and more permanent operational teams. Many teams work in a hybrid mode. Challenging times lead easily to teams losing their forwardgoing (anabolic) energy and a sense of belonging.

Learn more about Clarity Focus Energy® model & team coaching method and how your team could benefit from them.

Come and learn the secrect sauce for successful team growth!


September 29 (Thursday) - October 27 (Thursday)


Epicenter Helsinki

Mikonkatu 9

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