Innovation with impact happens when there is an attitude, supported by a vision and a clear strategy.

Epicenter Accelerate presents Nordic Scalers, the program that seeks to build the worlds best scaleup ecosystem or learning, peer knowledge sharing, hands-on support, and developing networks. This is achieved by delivering a program that brings a fragmented market together, stays true to scaleup needs, and focuses on helping scaleup founders and entrepreneurs to create more wealth and jobs in society as they grow their companies to become some of the biggest exports from the region.


The program is delivered to you by world-class scaleup entrepreneurs (coaches and inspiration) who’ve scaled tech companies themselves. So this will be a program built on the knowledge of what scaleups actually need. It’s not a marketing exercise, it’s not matchmaking on the surface and it’s not a mingle. This is about rolling up our sleeves, going deep, and solving real challenges. It truly is a program by scaleup entrepreneurs for scaleup entrepreneurs. The program will start the 25th of September 2023

Epicenter invites scale-ups to join the Nordic Scalers program

The program is perfect for companies seeking:

  • The clarity to reach business goals and how to solve growth limiters.
  • A strong growth strategy based on the scaleup’s ambitions.
  • 1-1 coaching with a serial scaleup entrepreneur customized to the scaleup’s needs.
  • Access to networks of investors, corporates, and service providers.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and inspiration from the outside.
  • Service & Functions (like legal, marketing, etc)
  • Active matchmaking to other Epicenter members
  • Personal intros to investors
  • A red carpet to roll out internationally


Does this sound like your company? Sign up to an info meeting by clicking the button below. The info meeting is non-binding. There will follow an application process to enter the actual program.

Applying criteria

For the 2023 batch of Epicenter Accelerate – Nordic Scalers Program, we will primarily look for companies that meet the following terms:

  • Annual revenue at a minimum of EUR 2 million (Hard demand)
  • Personnel of at least 10 people (Soft demand)
  • Annual growth figures of at least 20% in the past three years. (Soft demand)


We are a dynamic ecosystem that constantly changes at a rapid pace, so we really encourage everyone to apply, even if you don’t fit the exact formula above.

Our upcoming events


"Epicenter is not just an amazing place to work, it’s also a vibrant ecosystem where synergies could transform the world."

Andro Lindsay Founder & CEO, Lindsay & Partners

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