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Do you want to to create a functional and attractive work environment for your personnel and potential talent?


The Future Workspace – a Place for Knowledge and Co-Creation report is intended as an easy-to-consume dose of information for all businesses who want to improve their workspace and boost innovation in their company. In this report, we provide answers to the following questions:


  • What employees are looking for from a workspace?
  • How business owners can motivate their employees to the office?
  • How do workspace boost innovation, company culture, and brand?


Download the report by filling out the form and take a tour of the future workspace with us! Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a download link for the playbook.

About the Future Workspace report

With Future Workspace – a Place for Knowledge and Co-Creation report we wanted to improve our understanding of what employees and companies think about the physical workspace and what role it plays in their motivation, productivity, and well-being.  We also wanted to take a closer look at how companies today are working strategically with the workspace to fit the needs of their teams and fuel their future growth.


This report is produced by Epicenter Helsinki and conducted by Reflect based in Stockholm. More than 1000 office workers participated in the web panel questionnaire. The report also includes comments from four CEOs and directors on workspace strategies and how they deal with these issues within their organizations. The qualitative study has been done in the form of in-depth interviews in digital meetings.


Download the report by filling out the form and take a tour of the future workspace with us! Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with a download link for the playbook.

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"Epicenter is not just an amazing place to work, it’s also a vibrant ecosystem where synergies could transform the world."

Andro Lindsay Founder & CEO, Lindsay & Partners

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At Epicenter, we believe that access to menstrual products is a basic need that should be treated as such. That's why we're proud to announce our partnership with Herbox, one of the leading companies in the Nordics for menstrual care product dispensers, to provide free menstrual products in our toilets. Our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for all of our members and guests is at the…

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Epicenter and Spouse Program Join Forces to Support International Talent Relocation in Finland

Epicenter, a leading innovation hub in Helsinki, and the City of Helsinki's Spouse Program have teamed up to support and welcome international professionals and their families in Finland. The partnership aims to facilitate the relocation process by providing networking events, working desks in the innovative community, and access to resources and networks of companies working in Epicenter. The importance of international talent in Finland cannot be overstated. With a rapidly…

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Metaverse and Retail: How will the Metaverse disrupt the retail value chain?

October 27th Epicenter Oslo co-hosted an event with Sopra Steria about the Metaverse in relation to the retail industry. The topic at hand was: will the Metaverse disrupt the retail value chain? And if so, how? We welcomed Sopra Steria’s very own experts on virtual reality, Erik Eskedal, Jelmer Verhoog and Scott Leaman, Meta Vertical Lead, Nina Hareide, and CEO of Wilfa, Morten Hoff to the stage to share their…

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