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They were crowned 2019’s Hottest Start Up. They’ve amassed +22 million app installs in just 4 years. Launched in 14 countries. And today Too Good To Go is working hard to take on Sweden’s food waste habits from right here at Epicenter. They just launched 2 weeks ago and we’re happy that Åsa Sandberg, Country Manager took the time to sit down with us.

“We’ve been longing to launch in Sweden,” says Åsa. “Now we know our concept really works, we’re ready.”

Started in 2016, Too Good To Go is a masterclass in innovation with impact. After all, the Danish brand created a thriving marketplace from what would usually end up in the trash.

A business built around what usually goes in the bin

Like all the best innovations, the idea is simple: each day, restaurants, cafes, shops and bakeries throw away masses of unsold perishable goods. Too Good To Go provides a platform that sells these dumpster-destined foods to waste-fighting consumers at a marginal cost.

The result? What once was waste is now a form of revenue. And a means for brands to get relevant with a new customer base.

The world’s biggest food waste movement

“We throw away a third of the food we produce,” Åsa Sandberg says. “Imagine buying three bags at the store – and putting one straight in the bin. That’s how wasteful we are.”

Of course, it’s not only the food itself we’re throwing away. “When you throw away an apple, you’re wasting the water that’s grown it, the manpower that’s picked it, the transportation that’s delivered it,” Åsa points out. It’s a sobering thought.

Too Good To Go feeding people, not landfill

By intercepting potential waste, Too Good To Go has so far saved the equivalent of 37 million perfectly edible meals from being thrown away.

And with their app just launched here in Sweden, we can’t wait to see these new members take yet another leap towards their dream of a waste-free world. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you already feel like home in your new Studio office here at Epicenter!

Know a Swedish business with surplus food? Got a burning idea for reducing waste or powering the circular economy? Connect with Åsa Sandberg today: asandberg@toogoodtogo.se

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