Jun 11, 2020

Too Good To Go – Just launched in Sweden

picture of too good to go at epicenter They were crowned 2019’s Hottest Start Up. They’ve amassed +22 million app installs in just 4 years. Launched in 14 countries. And today Too Good To Go is working hard to take on Sweden’s food waste habits from right here at Epicenter. They just launched 2 weeks ago and we’re happy that Åsa Sandberg, Country Manager took the time to sit down with us. “We’ve been longing to launch in Sweden,...
Jun 2, 2020

Innovation bootcamp with Navin Thukkaram

innovation bootcamp with navin thukkaram For this week’s blog post, we had the pleasure of meeting with quite a special person. Not only is he a successful speaker having keynoted events at companies such as Google and Microsoft. He’s also generated $3 billion in exits and sold one of his companies to Yahoo for 50 million dollars (!!). To put this in perspective, that’s the most expensive app purchase Yahoo ever made. We’re of course...
May 25, 2020

Ready to change the world? Meet Sida and let’s go

picture of klas waldenstrom from sida lab ‘Innovation with impact’ is our much-loved mantra here at Epicenter. So we couldn’t be more proud that Sida Lab, with their mission to eradicate third world poverty, has chosen to make us their home. We meet Klas Waldenström to find out more. Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, knows the power of collaboration. With bilateral co-operations in over 35 countries, ...
May 14, 2020

Propstreet creating value through digitalization

propstreet providing value through digitalization Providing value, value and value – that’s all it’s about if you want to make it in the long run. Everything else comes secondary. Epicenter member Victor and his team at Propstreet has  taken this mindset and implemented it into the core of their business. And perhaps that’s why they have managed to influence an industry known for being somewhat reluctant to change. We’re talking about...
May 7, 2020

Four AI applications you need to know

picture of artificial intelligence with ashok samal Artificial Intelligence. Once the stuff of sci-fi, now part of every innovative company’s roadmap. And trailblazing the most disruptive applications is the incredible Ashok Samal, AI Ambassador working at Microsoft. Earlier this year he treated Epicenter members to an AI masterclass. Couldn’t attend? Take a break from everything that has to do with Covid-19 and catch up on our pick of his insp...
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