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As you may know, Dental health affects all aspects of our lives. What we eat, how we sleep and how we perform. But did you also know that poor dental health has negative effects on chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, stroke and even mental health?

Despite this, today’s dental care does not live up to patients’ demands for simplicity and accessibility. We do banking online, shop and make reservations. But the field of dentistry still has much room for improvement. At Epicenter, we’re super proud to have Member Muntra in the community attacking this issue.

Their mission? To create a seamless end-to-end treatment process within dentistry.

We’ve met with Pontus Green, CMO at Muntra to get some insight into their important work, as well as to learn more about their experience at Epicenter.

Tell us more about Muntra!

Muntra is a SaaS solution for dentistry, focused on patient relationships and communication.

We’re helping dental clinics gain and retain a successful business. With digital tools and services, we connect caregivers with patients – creating a seamless end-to-end treatment process.

Pontus Green

Many point to “unwillingness to change” in healthcare as the culprit. I don’t share this view. On the contrary, healthcare wants to change but lacks essential tools and conditions.

I’ve dedicated most of my career to the dentistry field. Throughout my work, I’ve witnessed firsthand the everyday digital struggles in dental clinics. The current tools are simply not built for modern requirements.

How is Muntra going to change the world?

Many take oral health for granted… I believe Muntra will enable dental practitioners not only to be more efficient but also to offer higher-quality treatments. Which in turn changes patients’ lives for the better.

Who are your customers, what need are you serving?

Privately owned dental practices. The dental market is large but fragmented. 40% of the Swedish dental market consists of lifestyle businesses. This is in contrast to other fields in healthcare that are often supplied by the government.

What are you most excited about right now?

Up until now, our main focus has been on product development and customers. Now we’ve started scaling our company. I’m most excited about our new co-workers and to see the team grow. It puts pressure on the founders to not only serve customers, but also the team. We need to invest in our team, and create a fun and dynamic work environment.

Innovation / Impact – what’s your story?

Compared to other service industries, healthcare is approximately 20 years behind in adopting digital technology.

All dental clinics (and all healthcare clinics for that matter) have a local server that holds the operations together. There are two pieces of software that depend on the local server – the practice management software and the x-ray software.

Muntra offers cloud based services for practice management and x-ray. This eliminates the need for a local server. For a normal-sized clinic, this reduces IT costs by 60%. It also makes patient data more accessible and easier to share with patients.

Why did you choose Epicenter as Muntra’s home base?

Epicenter offers inspiration in many forms.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a nice office. We’ve tried many different office solutions. Epicenter is by far the best.

Pontus Green

You need all the energy you can possibly get while working on your vision. The work environment makes us more stoked on coming to work every day!

We’re a small team, so the opportunity of connecting with other companies adds to a fun work experience.

Are you looking for specific partnerships/collaborations?

We’re always looking for interesting partnerships/collaborations. If you think your company has something interesting to offer healthcare professionals, we’d love to talk.

Overall we love to talk about tech and startups. I personally like to discuss business ideas and go-to-market strategies.

If you’re looking for a new Hollywood smile, we also happen to know a few dentists that can help.

For members who want to know more about us, visit our website or send me an email – pontus@muntra.se.

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