Morpheus Tribe is a company interested and invested in tech and development, holding tech as a powerful tool to solve technical challenges and issues, based in Sweden. Morpheus Tribe uses technology to build things technically advanced from scratch. If you have an idea but you are struggling to find the right team, Morpheus Tribe can help you make it happen. Together with a confident and experienced developer, you get help to concretize your idea and to take the next step on your journey. Dedicated for the developers who choose to join Morpheus Tribe, there is the startup factory to kick-start and execute on their own ideas. Within the startup factory, they get all the support they need to make their ideas happen.

”Our experienced developers are invested in keeping up with the latest within their fields of competence and to help our clients solve their problems, meanwhile further developing their own expertise and knowledge. We believe in individual leadership and a strong commitment to individual development. We encourage idea and knowledge sharing, by organizing meetups and other events within tech subjects. We also share our business ideas with each other and discuss them regularly at our internal pitch meetups. We create tech startups based on those ideas and help each other to execute on making them happen. ” says Maryam Engelbrecht, founder of Morpheus Tribe. 

The building and nurturing of the community is more important to software development than everyone might think. That’s why Morpheus Tribe tends to create a vibrant engagement environment that sparks creativity and collaboration.

‘’ The main purpose of Morpheus Tribe is though creating possibilities for our employees to realize their potential in executing on challenging business ideas, so our employees are in a way our customers as well,‘’ explains Maryam Engelbrecht.

Having a strong community foundation, the company is oriented to provide technical assistance in several different sectors, offering various long-term or short-term packages. Maryam explains it further to us:

‘’For the Morpheus Tribe consulting part, our clients or customers are any tech company in need of extra help temporarily. Our assignments span between 3 and 12 months and all consultants are developers, but with different specialties.’’

At a time when the need for automation of various processes is increasing in all sectors, the specialist’s team of Morpheus Tribe is always investing time and creativity in discovering innovations to help its clients manage their business efficiently and make better and faster decisions.

‘’We are very much focused on automation and AI at the moment, I can say that without revealing too much ‘’ – says Maryam while showing some plans for the near future.

By working on their culture and behavior every day, they want to create an environment that invites honest opinions and critical thinking. ‘’We focus on learning and teaching and sharing which in itself opens up for a creative environment. A last but very important notion is that we build Morpheus Tribe in itself as a Lean Startup where we focus on the build, try, evaluate and rebuild. This is a good practice for everyone and sets a great example.’’

The Morpheus Tribe itself is a very interesting concept and they are always interested in getting to know investment companies that are interested in their work. 

If you want to know more about this community of developers who, with broad expertise, great curiosity, and a burning love for the craft, that deliver value and innovation, go to https://www.morpheus.se. You can also get in touch with them through LinkedIn.

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