The Membership Economy - Fireside chat with Robbie Kellman Baxter

Want to take your customer relationships to the next level? We had the pleasure to meet with Robbie Kellman Baxter to get some insight on how to make this happen. Keynote speaker as well as sought-after writer, Robbie’s CV is quite impressive having worked with industry leaders such as Netflix, Oracle, eBay and Electronic arts.

As the author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue, a book that has been named a top 10 marketing book of all time by BookAuthority, Robbie knows what she’s talking about.

Ever heard of the term “Membership Economy”? Well, it was coined by Robbie and she is the #1 within the topic of building long term relationships with clients. She runs a consulting firm focused on helping companies leverage subscription pricing, digital community and freemium to build deeper relationships with customers.

On June 16th 2020, Robbie Kellman Baxter will join us at Epicenter for a webinar! Want to get a sneak peak of what we’ll talk about? Here you go! Also, make sure to register to webinar here and tune in to ask your questions live!

How did the term “membership economy” develop for you?

Many years ago, when I was consulting for Netflix, I fell in love with their business model. After working with them, I began to work more and more with organizations using subscription pricing, digital community and a long-term focus on the customer’s goals. These organizations were in every industry, as well as nonprofits. I began to develop a framework that these organizations shared, and saw that virtually any organization could leverage this framework to build a new kind of powerful business model. I called this massive transformation The Membership Economy.

What are the key principles in the forever transaction concept?

The key principle is that organizations that focus on a promise to help their best customers solve an ongoing problem or achieve an ongoing goal, and build their products and services around that promise build a trusted relationship and can justify recurring subscription revenue. Subscription pricing is a tactic, but membership is about the mindset of the organization.

How do you work with companies building their subscription model?

I act as a guide. I help them establish their vision, launch their first experiments, scale their model once they have established product/market/fit. An then maintain a leadership position and become “undisruptable”. Sometimes, I just advise the CEO. But more often, the work includes cultural transformation, and coaching each functional area of the organization. This goes on as they rethink their roles, products, processes and metrics in light of the new strategy.

What companies is this relevant for and why?

Any business that wants an ongoing relationship with their customers, and that depends on sales and marketing to attract and engage customers who have other options can benefit from this model. If your customers have no choices – for example: If your business enjoys a regulatory, patent or geographical advantage – you may choose not to focus on the customer’s long-term success. But be warned. Many businesses that thought they had a monopoly (think taxis, banks, and retailers) have been surprised by new entrants who focused on solving the customer problem more elegantly. Think Uber and Taxis or Spotify and the music industry.

Register to Webinar with Robbie Kellman Baxter on June 16th 2020

Lastly, for all business who wants to deepen the relationship with their customers – make sure to join webinar with Robbie. Use this link to sign up. See you there!

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