communication in times of crisis

What is appropriate to communicate in times of crisis? The question keep popping up and many B2B marketers are today faced with the same challenge. Pretending like nothing has happened doesn’t exactly seem like the way to go, but just shutting all marketing down doesn’t either. To get some clarity in this question, we have turned to some really good friends within the Epicenter community. B2B marketing guru; Sophie Hedestad and Social Media Marketing expert; Sofia Vinsa will in this post give us their recommendations on communication in times of crisis.

How is Social Media affected by Corona?

Sofia Vinsa, Project Director SocialView

All around the world, we now see companies and people changing their behavior as a result of Covid-19. These changes have also affected the social media platforms and the way we use them.

Cooler advertising climate and increased need for educational and value-based communication

The digital presence in social media has increased lately due to the change of the public behavior. Many people are working on remote and are therefore more available on social media where they are discussing the financial and health effects from the pandemic. While people starting to increase their activities online companies completely stripped their marketing efforts.

From my perspective, this means that right now there are opportunities to communicate at a cheaper price and at the same time building a stronger relationship with your customers. Consider how you as a company can adapt your business and communication in times of crisis, if you stop, you can be sure that your competitors will start to communicate in your place. But if you are communicating, focus on value such as your company’s opinion and services/products that are adapted to the reality we are in right now – focus on value, not sales.

What are the possible future scenarios?

It is impossible to predict how long the pandemic will stay. But independent on timeframe I would recommend companies to take ownership of the situation. Many companies are currently paralyzed and are shutting down all their marketing efforts and also pausing operational business, which will harm them in the long run. And since we don’t know how long this climate will last it is a high risk to put everything on hold. Everything you do now will reflect the entire brand once you come out of the crisis. It is important that you now more than ever reach out and help people in their current situations and use your marketing activities to do so.

What are your tips for B2B marketers today?

Sophie Hedestad, CMO Netigate, Founder of Mentor XY, Podcast Host: #KommuniceraMERA

What better person to ask this question than Sophie Hedestad? She both has a very relevant experience from B2B marketing, as well as a broad network within the field. Her opinion on the subject is definitely food for thought! Sophie says:

Now, during Corona times, every company that is promoting or talking about something else has misinterpreted the situation. Either you create reports, online events and content around the topic. If not, you strategize and plan for the future.

Are you serious enough? In the time of climate changes and Corona companies need a purpose. That is also what the future workforce wants to work with, companies that contributes to something bigger.

This is also the perfect time for introspection. Ask yourself questions such as; Have you been working with things that really moves the needle? What can you do differently going forward? There is no time or resources to waste. As the crisis will pass everyone needs to dig in where it is needed and contribute.

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