Sep 4, 2023

Meet our Member: Twoday

Twoday delivers plenty of much needed technology services to companies both in the public and private sector. They firmly believe that giving young developers the opportunity to thrive and challenge the status quo is the way to solve the current lack of competence within the field. We had a chat with HR director, Line Årnes, Consulting Managers, Ragnhild G. Johannessen and Petter Hoxmark, and Consultant Paul Fredrik Eilertsen, to deep dive into Twoday’s pillars for existence – and get to know their amazing developer graduate program: Nytt Krutt. 


Could you please introduce Twoday?

Twoday is one of the Nordic region’s largest suppliers of mission-critical IT solutions, consulting services and data-driven technologies. Every day we develop solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier and that contribute to a more efficient society. We work with digitization projects at everything from large public agencies to small and medium-sized businesses in the districts.  

We have approximately 500 employees in Norway, and 2,500 employees in the Nordics and Lithuania, with over 8,000 customers who trust us to assist them with their digitization needs.   

Our competence areas cover everything from service development, UX, core and integrations, enterprise security, data analytics, including data engineering and visualization, marketing analytics, Ecommerce – and of course within the AI area like data science. 

How and why was Twoday founded? 

Twoday’s history goes back to the start of 2000 with the establishment of Sirus consulting. Up until 2022 we were part of Visma as one of 5 divisions there. Last year we took the step out of Visma to focus on our strategy to become the leading competence house within digital transformation in the Nordic region. 

What challenges did you see in the world that you wanted to solve with Twoday?

One of the biggest challenges faced by many countries today is the mismatch between services offered to the public and the available resources to provide these. This is evident within all kinds of sectors in a modern society, like healthcare, education and welfare.  

A solution to this mismatch is to create efficient and innovative services that can enable us to deliver more services with less hours. Twoday already does this and will continue to contribute within this area. 

What challenges do you face with educating and training junior talent?  

No challenges – Only opportunities!

Hiring junior talent is essential to create tomorrow’s systems as they have new knowledge, plus enormous passion and drive! They come in with a unique ability to learn, ask lots of good and fundamental questions that make us think and challenge the established. They have incredible speed and have an attitude that nothing is impossible.  

It is also essential that we have a reception apparatus, and an organization that values and recognizes juniors from day one, and at the same time willingly shares its knowledge. The combination of our incredibly talented seniors and juniors is the recipe for making juniors the customers superhero in no time. It is also essential that all these incredibly skilled technologists are team players, then magic happens!

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Tell us about your graduate program, Nytt Krutt:  

We invest heavily in new graduates, and several of our most talented technologists and managers have started in our trainee program, Nytt Krutt. 

The program covers the first year of employment, beginning with a project where, together, they deliver a project from A-Z for a customer, under mentoring from experienced consultants. Here they gain experience with project implementation, methodology and customer communication. There is a lot of training in both technical and soft skills, and after the period they work as consultants on customer projects like our senior consultants. They meet for gatherings both at home and abroad to build competence. After a year, they graduate from the program where they prepare to welcome new trainees in the best way possible, developing a supportive work environment, where we share knowledge and help each other thrive.


Nytt Krutt has been highly recognized. We are in the privileged position of having many more talented applicants than we have the capacity for, so those who make it are handpicked top talents from the universities. We employ people with passion and drive for their specialist area who have an incredible amount of knowledge. And even before starting, they get the opportunity to take certifications. In that way, we believe we can deliver the best solutions for our customers, and fun and engaging projects for trainees to work with.


However, we have seen that securing relevant projects for our juniors is challenging with our existing customer base. This is the public sector and due to demands for experience that our juniors have not had the time to build up – yet.


We therefore see the cooperation with Epicenter as more than just a new customer group, but a partner that could benefit from a large base of junior consultants, while helping them to build an interesting and diverse experience for the future. And, at the same time, making it possible for the entire Twoday group to get to know exciting start and scale ups that we could cooperate with in the future.

How does Twoday contribute to solving the challenges regarding the lack of developers in Norway? 

We contribute to solve these challenges through 4 pillars 

  • Our ‘Nytt Krutt’ program 

By creating a comprehensive and diverse introduction program for our juniors we reduce the chance of these resources to leave the profession. 

  • Membership in STEM 

We are part of the STEM initiative to ensure that more youth see the benefit of a technical education when it comes to creating tomorrow’s society.  

  • Events and media 

We use all channels in Norway to get out the message on all the challenges we need to solve together using technology. For instance, we are present at the Arendal week together with NTNU to challenge our politicians that we need to do more. 

  • Working to open the IT field to as many as possible 

Through cooperation with the major technical universities and networks we advocate selected groups to move in a technical direction. For instance, by building strong relationships with young students in summer intern programs and promoting our female stars in social media. This, combined with a strong mentor program result in close to 50% female representation within our new hires. 

Why did Twoday choose to be a member of Epicenter? 

We want to be part of Epicenter for at least two reasons:

  • Build an internal community 

Life as a consultant is diverse and exciting, and you spend most of your time with clients. We therefore aim to use Epicenter as a home away from home where we can meet for small projects, internal events or just to hang out together.  

  • Learn and offer knowledge 

As a competence house we are dependent on seeing where the industry is going and there is no better way of seeing that than to sit together with start and scale up companies. In addition to this, we believe that our years of experience in the industry also could benefit the other members of Epicenter and that together we can make the world a slightly better place with new and cool services.  

In need of a consultant? Read more about Twoday on their website
Or contact Paul Fredrik Eilertsen at  paul.fredrik.eilertsen@twoday.com 

Twoday offers Epicenter members a special rate for Nytt Krutt consultants. 
Read about this by logging into our member portal > Benefits. 

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