Jan 17, 2022

Meet our Members: VOLI

VOLI is a company passionate about challenging beliefs and making ideas fly! They are specialists at integrating new technology with classic business systems, and a new member of the Epicenter Community. We had a chat with their Oslo representative and Partner, Bjørn Tore Aurlien to get a better understanding of what VOLI is all about and their ambitions for the future:  Can you give u...
Dec 6, 2021

Meet our members: Switchr

Switchr is a Norwegian company whose existence is based on the shift towards a greener tomorrow - empowering regular people to make a difference whilst making money. Interesting as their business is, we had a talk with their Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Bråtebekken, who shared what Switchr is all about, what makes them tick and what their ambitions for the future...
Nov 29, 2021

Meet our members: Skarpsinn

Skarpsinn is a Norwegian company that specializes in strategic communication and innovation. Their mission is to unite creative advertising and business strategy on behalf of their clients, and as a result making them successful in the long run. We had a talk with their Business Development manager, Karl Magnus Karlsen, who shared some really interesting insights on Skarpsinn's story and t...
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