A lot of companies have already implemented events as part of their business strategy – and with good reason(s)! If hosting events isn’t currently in your strategy, we have compiled 5 (out of probably a million) reasons why hosting events are worth investing in, and why your company should start hosting them:

Meet your core audience

As a company it should be in your interest to meet and engage with your potential customers and partners in a format where you’re not perceived as a salesperson. Even though your end game might be to increase your market share, hosting an informative or social event addressing the wider scope of your business (or a topic close to your company’s heart) is a great way to build relationships and get to know your audience better.

Build trust and brand awareness

By inviting people to your event, you are telling them that you want to see them. That you have something in common, or that you want to share something worth their time. What your event is about will tell your audience what’s important to your company. In this day and age people tend to choose their brands based on their values, politics and ‘way of life’ rather than their product offering alone. Hosting an event is a great arena for you to showcase your brand, its values, and build the brand in a physical space, rather than competing for attention in the digital sphere.

Share value and create content

The contents of your event is what people come to see. The attendees are eager to learn, and in the right mindset to absorb your message. The contents of your event is also a great source for your company to create content for social media, blog, PR, and so on – without having to actually sell. If your topic is of interest to a broader audience, creating content to share in the digital space will help you showcase your brand’s personality and build the brand in an authentic way.

Network and retain customers

Physical events are a great way to meet and greet your customers, partners and stakeholders. Meeting your customers and partners is still (and will probably always be) the most important way for you to retain them. If they see your company as more than just a product – rather an important ally – they will inevitably consider it harder to part with you – As long as they’re satisfied, that is.

If you don’t – your competitors will

Staying on top of industry trends and educating your audience in a live event is an opportunity to position your company as a thought leader within your industry. Being a thought leader these days may very well be what tips the scale in your favor – and if you don’t keep up with your industry and stay relevant, chances are your competitors are ready to sweep in and steal your thunder.


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