May 3, 2022

Epicenter member, Rada Labs, now allows everyone to invest in their tech adventure; Clikk

During the last three years our member, Rada labs, has been involved in the development of Clikk. These days, Clikk offer people the opportunity to invest in the company through Folkeinvest.no from NOK 1,200. We can’t wait to follow their journey ahead!


Clikk is a mobile and web application that helps people, companies, and influencers to connect and create engagement with their contacts, customers, and audience through a link, a QR code, and a collective feed. The unique feed shows content posted in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more is in the roadmap. You do not need a user in Clikk or the various social media to see the content.


The company have a commercially ready product that easily scale to millions of users worldwide. A main part of their strategy during next months will be to connect with solid distribution partners by offering option programs to companies and influencers. The first option program agreement has recently got signed with the main shareholder behind Slottsfjellfestivalen AS, Foynhaven AS, Focus Productions AS, Foyngården Drift AS, and more.


https://clikk.me/foynrestaurant // https://clikk.me/foynhagen // https://clikk.me/slottsfjell


The agreement with Slottsfjell and the Foyn Group gives us a fantastic opportunity for direct exposure to all three of our user segments at the same time, says CEO Martin Kolbrek. Clikk is a perfect tool for restaurant and festival participants that easily can exchange contact details with each other. For the artists who perform in Foynhagen and at the Slottsfjell Festival where Clikk helps increase their exposure of channels without further work. The companies get a dynamic landing page that is easily updated and provides the opportunity to drive traffic across channels, as well as convert a physical audience to become a digital audience. In addition, the unique collection feed provides the opportunity to see and show content from social medias without having an account in Clikk or in the various social media where the content is published.


As part of further financing and commercialization of the company, Clikk recently launched a campaign on Folkeinvest that allows anyone to become a co-owner from NOK 1,200 in what will hopefully be an international technology adventure originating from Vestfold and Oslo. Those who choose to invest will be in good company with Clikk’s excisting investors. The list includes well-known names such as Richard Urbanski and Fredrik Urbanski in TTC Invest and Edvin Austbø in Alden AS, John Helge Fjellheim in Rabakken Invest AS, as well as the investment community MTI Startup which has made several startup and technology investments.


We now believe it is the right time to invite people to become a co-owner, says Dan Olsrød. We provide a service that most people can use, whether it is in a private or work context. Therefore it will be great value to involve people as ambassadors and co-owners in the next steps of developing the company.


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