Skarpsinn is a Norwegian company that specializes in strategic communication and innovation. Their mission is to unite creative advertising and business strategy on behalf of their clients, and as a result making them successful in the long run.

We had a talk with their Business Development manager, Karl Magnus Karlsen, who shared some really interesting insights on Skarpsinn’s story and the importance of a solid strategic platform:

So tell us about Skarpsinn, what is it?

Skarpsinn is a strategic communication- and innovation agency. Our creative work is based on thorough insight about our clients, their customers and their markets. We work from the ground-up, with sound strategy as our foundation. Our goal is to make our clients successful in the long run.

How and why was Skarpsinn founded?

When Skarpsinn’s founder and CEO Espen Devold moved back to Norway from Adidas European headquarter in Germany, he started working for DDB in the advertising industry. He realized that there was a gap between creative people working in advertising and the hard-core business mindset in companies. Creative work without proper knowledge about strategic planning and business processes can fall through as superficial and with lack of content. So, with that in mind he, together with advertising enthusiast Sam Langåker, founded Skarpsinn. The agency has offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Haugesund and Ålesund and spezialises on the combination of strategy/business and creative communication for ambitious companies and organizations.

What’s the biggest impact you have seen on both your customers and the industry you work in?

By always focusing on the strategic direction of companies we can develop creative and innovative communication that will influence the path forward for these companies. We wake up every morning to change or improve the direction of brands and influence different business indicators with our strategic and creative work. The advertising industry is changing and moving slowly up the decision ladder in companies. That’s a good sign. 

What are your biggest learnings?

To develop a solid strategic platform is the most valuable investment for companies with ambitions. A clear direction will help the management and the employees to work with more focus and structure. To become world champion in their segments and industries they need to follow a recipe. This recipe is called strategic platform.

How do you work with innovation within your organization at large?

We believe in structured innovation. Great insight gives you more opportunities to develop thought-through innovations. Great models for your innovation processes will ignite more ideas. Don´’t have limitations, but don´t waste your time on innovations that are not in your DNA or not in the interest of the market.

Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline? Or anything exciting we should know about?

We have the great privilege of working in many industries. In the coming months we will work on communication challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, we will help greenkeepers in the Nordics with information on how to prepare their golf courses for the spring, we will continue to back up new and sustainable technology in the oil industry and we will work a lot on investor relations to secure new ideas, products and inventions in different industries. Oh, and then we have a few films to develop, some cool web sites, and several product concepts in the pipeline.

Why did you choose Epicenter?

They say it is the epicenter of innovation and creativity So, a natural choice of course.

It is quiet and comfortable at the same time as it is inspiring and energetic. We look forward to being a part of the community.

Anything else you would like to share? 

Yes, please get in touch with us for a coffee and a chat. We do like to discuss and we are eager to get to know interesting people and businesses.

Want to know more about Skarpsinn? Visit their website.

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