Wndy was founded in 2021 by Daniel Eriksson to offer small and medium-sized companies quick and easy access to digital HR expertise.

By gathering knowledge easily accessible in a digital platform, and combining it with the expertise from HR consultants, entrepreneurs can get quick access to the guidance they need.

Inspired by the genuine entrepreneurial vibe and the creative brains around, they have now been part of the Epicenter community for a few weeks.  

Fundamentally changing the view of the HR industry.

Embracing the digital era, where dematerialization of data and documents is becoming the norm, human resources should be no exception to the rule. The global pandemic has accelerated the need for companies to take the turn. Indeed, with the generalization of remote work, it was essential to keep in touch with the teams, but also to remain competitive in a market in crisis. In this area, HR has an important role to play and must create digital codes to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

“As an entrepreneur, I have often felt a lack of HR knowledge when I get asked questions about, for example, pensions, insurance or any situation relative to the pandemic. It is incredibly important that it is handled the right way, both for employees and employers. And that’s where Wndy comes into the picture” Daniel Eriksson, CEO of Wndy said.

Easy access to on-demand video HR consulting

Wndy is the first outsourced HR on-demand solution for small and medium-sized businesses. You can easily book a video meeting by briefly describing your case, choosing a time that suits you and finally, the HR expert you want to talk to. The chat function also helps you to answer simple questions.  If you are looking for templates and documents, you will find them available for download  to immediately start using foryour business.

“I see that many companies lack HR skills but at the same time have a need for it. Many business owners spend a lot of time thinking about these issues while not having the resources to hire someone full-time. Wndy is a perfect solution for them, easily accessible and cost-effective” says Marie Wikander, HR expert and COO of the company. 

Building Wndy’s team with humans, not ressources

Next step? After being joined by investors from Northvolt, Ericsson, Acast and the private investor, Nicolai Chamizo, Wndy is now building a great team, recruiting within tech, sales and marketing. 

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