The hospitality industry has always been about luxury, pleasure, and excellent customer service; about giving a unique experience that would make them come back for more stays. Nowadays modern guests travel both for business and pleasure or relaxation. Therefore, they expect to experience something unique, something comfortable, and to be the center of attention. If your company is not doing it yet, you are already behind.

In a transformative era, hoteliers, operators, and travel businesses are succeeding and evolving through technology — and greater efforts can lead to greater profitability.

In these steps we see Epicenter members Mr Charles, a specialist in luxury travel and luxury lifestyle management in Stockholm. They offer bespoke services in a wide range of areas: private chauffeur services, luxury mansion rental, yacht rental, personal shopper, VIP access, jet charter, event management, and more.

‘’Our customer is anyone looking for a taste of a luxury lifestyle, someone who values their time and is willing to trade money for it. Mr Charles provides all forms of concierge services to help our customers save time and enjoy a luxurious way of living. ”- says Charlie Lauritzen, CEO & founder of Mr Charles.

You do not have to be filthy rich to live a luxurious life. Mr Charles enables you to live a luxurious life now, no matter what your budget is.

”Some people think that only the wealthy and rich can afford such services, but it is far from the truth. Concierge falls under the category of the luxury industry. However, technology has changed the jobs, roles, timing, and responsibilities of various professions.

Some professionals are so much into their work. When they get some time off from their busy laborious routine, they don’t want to waste it planning and waiting. They want to enjoy the little time they have, instead of planning it. Our business model targets the needs and requirements of such people.’’- says Charlie.

You are wondering how much money do you need to live a luxurious life? It looks like with Mr Charles you can find your own version of luxury. That’s why:

‘’We are currently working on a game-changer for the concierge service business. Usually one needs to buy a monthly or yearly membership to use services provided by concierge firms. With our new device, you can use it whenever you want, skip the membership. This platform will open the market for many people of different social statuses. ‘’ Charlie explains. 

At the core of the hospitality industry lies the ultimate guest experience. People love to feel special –but they also love to save time without sending emails or making calls (especially professionals who do exchange calls and emails all day) to receive confirmations and details on their service. Mr Charles will soon bring a digital innovation that will make them order the product directly.

The team at Mr Charles share with us a few more details:

 ‘’ We are currently working on a touch screen device that allows us to spread our services around the globe and help our customers save more time. No need to call or email Mr Charles anymore. Simply use the device and book the product you need directly.’’

After all, the hospitality industry is all about customer experiences and keeping up with their changing expectations. That’s why Mr Charles is always looking to collaborate with companies in the travel and tourism sector as well as social media marketing firms.

Networking plays a key role in helping the property to go global and be prepared for the next guest. 

For them meeting new people and networking is important. They see Epicenter as an opportunity to expand its network.

‘’Epicenter is welcoming and gives a cozy feeling. The atmosphere is warm and positive, an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to collaborate on projects and events.’’

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