Apr 11, 2022

Telavox is developing a world-leading omnichannel communication platform.

Telavox was founded in 2002 by Viktor Karlsson (current CEO) and two of his friends at the University of Lund. “There has to be a better way”. They were on a mission to make a more cost-effective and easier to use cloud PBX service, making it easier for companies to communicate and collaborate.

With HQ in Malmö, and on a journey to keep growing in Stockholm, Telavox decided to relocate recently to Epicenter Stockholm. “We wanted to be a part of the community, stay at a great location, and learn from others in such a vibrant and innovative environment.”

Meeting companies’ customers across all channels

“We believed that a cloud-based solution with a subscription model could change the market. From there, we’ve become a European company with global ambitions that operate both the SaaS and telecommunication worlds. A global platform with 60 000 customers, in 9 markets, with more than 400 employees,” says Tor Blomdell, VP of Product.

With the pandemic, effective communication between companies and their customers has become even more important. With the acceleration of possibilities for online work, Telavox is ahead of the telecom industry – surfing the three trends of online collaboration tools, workflow automation, and a remote-first setup. 

“With omnichannel communication, there’s a great need for a platform that enables companies to meet their customers across any channel, at any time, while providing tools and insights for a better customer experience,” added Tor Blomdell. 

Listening to create customer-driven innovation at scale

Innovation is at the core of Telavox’s mission. Even though they are growing rapidly and can be proud of having “replaced the industry’s long purchasing processes and complicated integration projects”, the company is constantly listening to its customers while keeping the need to be challenged by its market. 

“We listen to our customers and to the market. It’s important for us to stay relevant, have fun, and focus on the experience in everything we do. If it’s fun, easy to use, and relevant, then our customers will benefit from it– and so do we.” Torr says to illustrate the company’s vision. 

Strengthening customer experience with a Contact Center

In February, the telecom company launched its new Contact Center Solution enabling companies to manage all their customer communication across voice, email, chat, and social media in a unified way. With this solution, Telavox supports companies in accelerating their digital transformation and getting a unique customer experience across all channels.

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