Apr 4, 2022

Silicon Valley founded Netskope open their first Nordics office at Epicenter

Netskope is an American Cybersecurity company, founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley by Sanjay Beri (current CEO), Lebin Cheng, Ravi Ithal, and Krishna Narayanaswamy. Connecting users directly to the internet, any application, and their infrastructure from any device, on or off the network, they rapidly became the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) leader.

With approximately 2000 people worldwide, and now trusted by more than 25% of Fortune 100 companies, they are building the industry’s leading cloud-native security platform and having fun along the way. 

Following their growth journey to the Nordics, Netskope set their sights on Stockholm, settling at Epicenter with the local team, Martin Nyman, Jan Lundberg and Connie Palomaa “We will be running events, seminars for potential customers and partners, and we believe in thriving in Epicenter’s inspiring atmosphere”

Making data usage safe, compliant, and high performance

Sanjay Beri, one of the founders, was working with CIOs, CSOs,  business unit and IT leaders throughout the industry and realised the massive cloud adoption by enterprises of all types. 

At this time, he saw an opportunity to lead one of the most strategic shifts enterprises have seen in decades. To be successful the shift needed to be led by IT professionals themselves – sometimes led out of the equation. Moving forward and fast, they needed a way to make data usage safe, compliant, and high performance. The cloud app! A software program where cloud-based and local components work together, relying on remote servers, accessible through a web browser with a constant internet connection.

In less than a year, Netskope was launched, enabling customers to discover cloud apps, perform deep analytics and policy enforcement in those apps across their environment. Consistently, in real time, at network speed and scale.

“The move to the cloud is inevitable, and for it to develop faster it will require no compromises on the security” said Martin Nyman, Regional Sales Manager, Swedish market. 

Pioneers of the Security Cloud

One of Netskope’s core cultural tenets is “Dream Big and Be Innovative.” In everything they do, they strive to “do good” and “do right.”

Arriving on the cloud market in 2012, they were pioneers in seeing a future in which networks wouldn’t have traditional perimeters. Data, applications, and users would be everywhere. “We have a R&D centre at our HQ in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. Our innovation team is bringing the latest innovations from the cybersecurity centres, customers into our Security platform.” adds Martin Nyman. 

Bringing a world leader approach to cloud security in Sweden

After completing a $300 million funding round in 2021, led by ICONIQ, at a $7.5 billion valuation and being named Leader in the 2022 Gartner ® Magic Quadrant ™ for Security Service Edge (SSE), the cloud company is on a unique growth trajectory.

What’s next? “We are working with the leading cybersecurity partners, targeting enterprise customers, seizing from global to national corporations. Our aim is to support our customers to work safer for a better future” shared Martin Nyman.

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