While paper checklists can work for employees in a small office environment, they may not work in large offices that are a fast and often hurried environment. But technology has made it easier in recent years with digital checklists. Digital checklists are often a catalyst for productivity and accountability and the tool many managers rely on to make sure things get done. They help with organization, efficiency, accountability, and foster collaboration within a team.

Selfcheck is a Swedish company that helps you save time and gain increased control. Self-inspections are often perceived as a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why Selfcheck is here to simplify and streamline your working days!

Why Selfcheck?

‘’We are a small, fast-growing disruptor with huge ambitions. We take EVERY possible checklist and digitize it. Checklists exist all around us. Fire safety checks, startup checks when you open your business for the day, or checklists for your inventory of… for example cars or equipment. Traditionally, this is all by pen and paper and highly prone to getting “lost’’. 

From start-ups to big businesses in the service industry Selfcheck seems to be the perfect solution to help you save time and organize work.

‘’Our customers are from all areas. From real estate owners/operators through office buildings and amusement parks, all the way to banks, schools, and hotels ‘’, – says Frank Ingers, Co-owner of Selfcheck.

This digital innovation is promising to bring convenience to a range of businesses, individuals, industries, or even institutions. Selfcheck does not stop at what it has achieved so far. They want to expand their brand and why not extend it beyond borders. Their executives reveal in some details:

‘’We are currently in the running for a huge opportunity with the Swedish state – stay tuned for even faster growth, fingers crossed.

But more importantly – we are upgrading our digital tool to make it easier to use even if you don’t speak Swedish or English. No one should be left out due to language. The keyword is “A picture speaks more than 100 words”. Everyone in society should have the opportunity to work with our tool.’’

Security and safety controls are two inevitable aspects of their day-to-day work. 

‘’By looking into the important, but sometimes boring, part of company operations. Security and safety-checks for instance are a legal MUST but a part of work that is mostly analog and a hassle to do and record.”, – says Frank.

Being in such a business means being always open to collaborations and Frank emphasizes this: ‘’ As we believe our tool is for everyone – we are always looking for partners. We would love to work with someone in facility management or security.’’

 Epicenter is an environment that gives them this opportunity in one way or another:

‘’Epicenter is a modern, digital environment where the focus is on innovation and collaboration for ideas. You are more likely to meet inquisitive minds here than anywhere else. In addition, the staff is very helpful and attentive. They make sure that the innovative environment is maintained and thrives.’’ 

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