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How do you become sustainable in the consumer goods industry? There may be some challenges in connection to this. But at Orkla however, the journey has already begun. Say hello to Charlotta and Viktor, two new amazing Epicenter members!

With over 300 brands in their portfolio, Epicenter member Orkla is aiming to be industry leaders in sustainability by 2025. Orkla Ventures – consisting of Charlotta and Viktor has an important role here. These two have the task to find, evaluate and invest in startup businesses with the potential to help Orkla move in the right direction. Way to go! Charlotta Gylche, Manager Orkla Ventures, says:

“We’re looking for our next investments in companies that either challenge or develops Orkla and where Orkla can add strategic value beyond capital”

And what better place to look for investments and collaborations than Epicenter? Financial support from Orkla Ventures, could make a huge difference for an early stage startup. Are you also a member of Epicenter? Well, Charlotta and Viktor both sits around Epicenter several times a week. And are open to new business encounters. Viktor Söderberg, Head of Orkla Ventures, says that:

“We would love to connect with other Epicenter members for potential investments or to find synergies”

Orkla Ventures truly are an amazing contribution to the Epicenter Community. And since they are fairly new to the community, we also want to wish them a warm welcome to Epicenter!

Want to find out more about Orkla Ventures and their work? Make sure to check out their website here. You will find more detailed information on what they are looking for and also contact details. Go find out if you’re who they are looking for!

Work alongside Orkla and other Epicenter members

Lastly, if you’re looking for an innovative working environment – Epicenter is definitely for you! Even if you are working at a larger company like Orkla, or if you are an early stage start up – you’ll find a membership suitable to your needs. Check out all Epicenter’s memberships here.

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