Jul 4, 2023

Meet Roger Dupé

In the world of skincare, there is a visionary entrepreneur who spearheads a movement that challenges beauty industry norms and fosters inclusivity. Meet Roger Dupé, the renowned model with no aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, but with a strong drive and commitment to solve a major issue. Let us delve into the skincare industry, inside the bottle, under the skin and Roger’s ingredients for success.

From Concern to Creation

Melyon was born in 2020, out of a genuine concern for the lack of inclusive skincare options. Roger explains how he during his modelling career noticed the lack of skincare solutions available for individuals with darker skin tones, which was further reinforced by his mother’s struggle tot find suitable products in Scandinavia.

Roger saw the gap clearly. This realization became the driving force behind the creation of a brand that would address the disparity and provide effective skincare options:

“I firmly believe in starting with a problem and building a compelling narrative around it, which has guided our journey from the beginning.”

Three years later and you can find Melyon across the Nordics and across the globe at places such as Paris, Milano, New York and London – helping individuals to find products that have their best interest in mind. 

A Mission that Transforms

Diversity and inclusion lie at the core of Melyon’s mission. The founder perceives these words as an opportunity to celebrate and embrace the beauty of all skin tones, ethnicities, and backgrounds. This mission has also figured as a guiding hand since the early days of Melyon.

“When creating the Melyon brand, our utmost priorities were authenticity, inclusivity, and differentiation. We strived to build a brand that not only truly comprehends and addresses the needs of our target audience, but also embodies a timeless and visually appealing aesthetic. We dedicated ourselves to developing products that deliver tangible results and fostered open and honest communication with our valued customers”, Roger explains.

Roger continues to enforce the importance of a strong community. At Melyon, they consistently engage with their audience through diverse channels, allowing for meaningful interactions and feedback. Years of doing this has created the solid Melyon community with relationships based on trust and transparency. 

Inside the Bottle    

Corn, broccoli, ginger… What is inside the Melyon glass bottle? Roger explains how the research and development process behind Melyon’s products was an immersive journey. By combining scientific research, collaborations with skincare experts, and the selection of natural ingredients alongside scientifically proven compounds, Melyon created the innovative formulas that meet specific needs such as hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.

Speaking of ingredients, what are the key ingredients behind Melyon’s success? Roger shares: 

“When considering the factors that have contributed to our success at Melyon, I believe it is a combination of several key ingredients. Firstly, our 360 approach has been crucial. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that not only address specific skincare needs but also promote inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability throughout our brand. Additionally, our ability to forge meaningful connections with our customers has been instrumental in our success. By engaging with them on a deeper level, understanding their concerns, and actively seeking their feedback, we have built trust and loyalty among our customer base.”

Under the Skin

Taking a step back, before the birth of Melyon, Roger worked for brands like Vogue, Kenzo, Jean-Paul Gaultier, GQ, Acne Studios and Björn Borg. In 2016, Roger became historic as the first black model to front the exclusive Rolls-Royce brand. When asked about his entrepreneurial aspirations, Roger reveals that being an entrepreneur was never a dream of his. His earlier goal was to be a professional soccer player. It was later in his career, after his time in the fashion industry, that he discovered the immense fulfillment that comes from creating something meaningful, impacting lives, and contributing to positive change. 

The most rewarding part of Roger’s journey as an entrepreneur has been witnessing the transformation of his dream into an actual product. Roger continues: 

“Hearing the stories and feedback from our customers, seeing their love and happiness for something a guy from the suburbs created and dreamed of without any business background or coming from a wealthy home, is truly gratifying.”

Facing Challenges

Like any entrepreneurial journey, Roger faced his fair share of challenges from the beginning. Navigating the complexities of the beauty industry and dealing with resource constraints were just a few of the obstacles he encountered. However, he saw these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. He sought creative solutions, embraced feedback and constructive criticism, and emerged stronger and more determined to succeed. When asked about his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Roger says:

“My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to thoroughly understand the problem you are solving and being deeply passionate about it. Gather a strong team and seek guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals in your industry and actively engage with your target audience. And remember, the journey may be tough, but staying true to your purpose and persevering through challenges will lead you to remarkable achievements.” 

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey and Melyon’s growth, Epicenter has played a pivotal role:

“Epicenter has been supporting our growth as a business since start. The vibrant entrepreneurial community, access to valuable resources, and networking opportunities have been instrumental in our journey. We chose Epicenter for its exceptional ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth.”

Question is, what motivates Roger and how does he stay focused on his goals? 

“I continuously remind myself of the mission and vision that inspired the creation of Melyon. Surrounding myself with a supportive network and celebrating small victories along the way also help me stay on track”, Roger explains.

On the Horizon

Looking ahead, we asked what we can expect from Melyon. Roger explains how Melyon is driven by the strong commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in inclusive skincare solutions and challenging the traditional ideals:

“Our aim is to redefine beauty standards and ensure that everyone feels represented and celebrated in the world of skincare. We believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity, and our future innovations will reflect this philosophy, offering a wide range of options that empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.” 

Looking further into the future, Roger shares his predictions:

“The future of skincare… I think that it will be characterized by personalized solutions, sustainability, and advancements in ingredient research. My hope is for a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry that celebrates individuality and promotes self-love.” 

Thank you for sharing your story, Roger.


Find Melyon: Besides Åhlens here in Stockholm, Melyon is available worldwide at places such at LUISAVIAROMA (Florence, Italy), The Conservatory (New York, Houston, Dallas, USA), LIQUIDES (Paris, France) and SSENSE (Montréal, Canada). Explore all places here

Get in contact: roger@melyon.se

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