Twenty years of experience from politics, media, culture/arts, consulting and almost fifteen of them in managing positions. On top of that, Speaker of the Year in 2017 in the category Moderator. Meet Epicenter member Nisha Besara –  freelancing moderator, speaker, advisor and board member! We sat down here at Epicenter to learn more about her work life experience and future plans. 

Making an Impact on People and Industries

With her years in managing positions, Nisha has been in the forefront of making an impact – both on people as well as the industries she has worked in. One of her prominent memories of making a significant change is from her time as CEO for the theater Unga Klara. They were struggling with long term financing, and could unfortunately foresee the end for the legendary stage in central Stockholm. However, tables turned when the Swedish Government appointed Unga Klara to be the National Stage for Children, securing the future for the theater. That is an impact she is very proud of. 

Alongside this memory, Nisha adds on and explains how she, in her role as Deputy Managing Director at the consultancy firm Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, was very amused to see clients understand the impact of politics in their businesses and that they actually could be a part of forming political decisions to their advantage. 

Challenges and Learnings From The Years in the Political Landscape

Speaking of politics, Nisha was the Political Adviser to the Minister for Integration and Gender Equality, and was included in Ledarna’s “The Future Female Leader” for five years. During these years, she has experienced challenges such as facing prejudice about who she is and what she is capable of. But with challenges, come learnings: 

“Relations, relations, relations. That is my biggest learning from my whole work life. If you want to change things, if you want to accomplish things, if you want to reach people with your beliefs – you have to listen, invest in relations, be open-minded and prone to change.”

What’s next? 

Moving on to the present, Nisha is now focusing on creating new, impactful collaborations. Alongside this, she continues to build up her own business as moderator, speaker and advisor. 

Last off, as a response to the question why she chose to become an Epicenter Member, Nisha explains:

“Because it is an awesome place to work at if you work in your own company! A lot of interesting people and companies, and always a high level of energy and great spontaneous meetings. I take part in most events going on right now, since I am a typical generalist, that is curious and want to learn even more”



Thank you Nisha! 

Get in contact: nisha@besara.se


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