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Matchmaking businesses and individuals is at the core of what we do at Epicenter. When co-creation happens, really interesting innovations tend to pop up. Another organization, putting their life and blood in connecting and supporting entrepreneurs, investors and corporates – is Epicenter member Connect Sverige Region Öst.

Together with their sister organisations from north to south in Sweden, Connect Sverige have successfully worked with startups, as well as scaleups for more than 20 years. The synergies with the Epicenter values, really goes hand in hand!

”Epicenter is an epicenter in the innovation ecosystem in Stockholm and beyond. It is natural for us to participate, learn and share in this environment,” says Hannes Helander, Head of Startup Programs at Connect,

Sustainable growth over time

It’s a pretty impressive lineup of businesses, where Connect has been involved. We’re talking Tobii, POC and Storytel, as well as upcoming stars like ASKET, Asthmatuner and Race.se. We are certainly looking forward to follow the growth of these stars to be!

Hannes says: “Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the investors, specialists, as well as experts to enable them to achieve sustainable growth over time”.

Reach your goal faster

Just like Epicenter, Hannes and his colleagues believe that magic happens when smart and ambitious entrepreneurs are connected with right investors and professional competence. This way, businesses are able to reach higher goals – faster.

Connect Sverige – a network of startups, scaleups, corporations and investors

As a network-based organization, Connect Sverige Region Öst are working actively with multiple customer groups. Are you an entrepreneur running companies from startup to scaleup? Maybe you’re an investor looking for the right context and a quality dealflow? Perhaps you’re a corporate looking to engage with startups or scaleups?

Hannes Halender is always open for a chat or discussion how to support or co-create something that benefits the eco-system!

Interesting things in the pipeline

Right now, Hannes is super excited about the program, Evolve. In Evolve, Connect works with scaleups on the track to high speed growth. This program is also backed by private investors and venture capital.

Lastly, is you want to get in contact with Hannes? Just drop him an email at hannes.helander@connectsverige.se or visit Connect Sverige Region Öst’s website.

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