Aug 30, 2022

Globhe is building the world’s biggest network of drone operators

GLOBHE is a global drone service provider helping its clients get access to new perspectives, information & solutions while creating a better planet at the same time. 

The company was founded in 2015 by Helena Samsioe as she saw the potential in drone photography as data and started to connect freelance drone operators worldwide who wanted to be a part of a social impact movement. 

The team now consists of 14 people, located all around the globe. 

“Each team member is outstanding in their field, and all together, we are the cornerstones to making GLOBHE grow and succeed on its journey to creating a better future with drones.” shared Helena Samsioe, Founder & CEO. 

As a small part of their team is located in Stockholm, they decided to move to Epicenter in April to become part of a bigger community and move away from their old office in Gärdet. 

“It’s already a huge difference, just being closer to other startups, more easily participating in events and just the buzz of the city is amazing!” said Emilia Nygren, PR & Communications Manager at GLOBHE.

Drone data at scale available in just a few clicks

“Our method is to tap into drones globally through our network of local drone operators that then collect high-resolution data, which helps businesses, organizations, and researchers understand the world and take action. We call this service: Crowddroning by GLOBHE,” Nygren added.

Not only does Crowddroning by GLOBHE supply clients with complementary information to satellite imagery, but it also helps reduce the carbon footprint of earth’s observational data since all drones are battery-driven.

In addition to that, the company ​​is fueling the global gig economy by providing paid freelance gigs to drone pilots globally. “With GLOBHE’s Crowddroning, drone pilots are able to take control of their schedule and location preference to decide how much of a jet setter or neighborhood pilot you want to be,” said Isabelle Nyroth, one of GLOBHE’s drone pilots and clients.

Shaping the future with high-quality reality data and crucial insights

If we take the simple definition of innovation as the introduction of something new, GLOBHE’s platform, through the introduction of crowdroning, is in itself, one. The Stockholm-based startup just broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ of compiling 20,000 photo images, enlisting its community of more than 5,000 drone operators in more than 117 countries. 

By utilizing drones, which are able to shoot about 600 photos in 30 minutes, the company, in cooperation with its community around the world, was able to accomplish the feat within a few months of taking on the challenge.

In addition to that, they keep on pursuing innovation with impactful projects around the World, like the long-running Maladron with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, preventing malaria outbreaks in Malawi. The researchers use the high-resolution data from drones to provide insights reducing the time spent locating, monitoring, and managing existing and new larvae breeding sites.

Drone technology is to good use for both the people and the planet

Since they joined Epicenter at the beginning of April, GLOBHE has beaten the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™  for the largest online photo album of aerial photographs, won the Airwards for Medical and Health Care category, and had their CEO host a TEDxKI talk on how crowd drowning is predicting the future. 

What’s next? “We are working on a really cool project for the UNCCD, to prevent desertification in Sub-Saharan Africa,” says Nygren. More information about it is available here.


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