DBT is a Stockholm based SMEs specialist lender, founded in 2017 by Alexis Kopylov, with the ambition to enable innovation and growth for fast growing start-ups and scale-ups.. The company is built by a strong team with backgrounds from companies such as iZettle, Klarna, Aldermore, OakNorth Bank, DICE, and Spotify to name a few.

Being part of the Epicenter community since 2017, they now have two big studios in the house, with a simple motivation: stay close to the buzz. “We have been here since the very start and it really has been a great place to grow within. It’s that feeling that things are cooking. A great melting pot of ideas and people” says Alexis Kopylov, CEO of DBT.

A credit intelligence platform fuelled by human expertise

The driving force behind DBT is based on conversations with entrepreneurs, disappointed after their good ideas and opportunities fell on the financing. The banks’ lack of interest and the shortage of alternatives to the loan sharks became DBT’s business concept – ​​a digital and personal financing partner for growing companies.

“We saw that there was a need for a true SME growth partner that could see both the specifics and opportunities of the SME’s businesses, and be as fast paced and nimble as they are” added Alexis Kopylov.

The success of their model is based on a combination of a credit intelligence platform with human expertise, enabling them to make SME lending both tailored and scalable. Since its inception, Swedish fintech has lent more than SEK 1 billion and supported hundreds of SMEs to grow and get ahead of competition. 

A model built on innovation for innovation

Technological progress and innovation are the linchpins of fintech development. DBT is shaping the competitive landscape by constantly challenging, setting business hypotheses, and leveraging the diverse competences of the team. 

“All our team members must on a regular basis participate in meetings with teams that they are not a part of. The purpose is to ensure a holistic understanding of the business from all team members whilst at the same time have fresh perspectives. The best ideas most often come from inspiration looking at other segments, industries, fields, or expertise.”

Not only DBT’s business model is based on innovation. They are also fostering innovation in the companies they support. Funding has enabled their customers to grow their businesses both in existing and new markets faster than their competition, investing in people as well as new equipment and technology.

Among DBT’s clients, companies such as Vässla, the fast growing micro mobility company or Chiquelle, the leading brand within Nordic fast fashion – were able to seize and embrace the massive opportunities ahead of them.

2022. Building strong customer relationships

After being listed by Sifted as one of the selected Swedish start-ups to follow in 2020, raising SEK 270 million to accelerate growth in 2021 combined with milestone funding agreements with NatWest and the European Investment Fund, what is the next milestone to reach?

DBT is currently working on 3 main areas of the business: growing their team of experts; focusing on the customer experience, with new functionalities in relation to the loan application process; and finally, reviewing their brand positioning to meet their target audience.  

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