Mar 9, 2021

Building the future way of interacting – Boost.ai

Boost.ai is a Norwegian scale-up headquartered in Stavanger, nestled amongst the fjords of southwestern Norway. They build chatbots for large-scale organizations, banks, governments, e-commerce, etc. – that are powered by the proprietary conversational AI platform. 

It is a conversational AI platform for enterprises that love fast returns on investment. This platform helps businesses by facilitating processes and work. Being an understandable, friendly, and compatible platform makes boost.ai successful and with a trend to dominate the market not only in Norway but wider.

‘’To date, we’ve launched more than 250 virtual agents across the Nordics, Europe and North America that empower businesses to automate and answer thousands of questions every day. ‘’ – says Mats Larsson, Country Manager Sweden at Boost.ai.

Over 50% of their clients made the switch from other platforms. That’s why:

‘’Our client list comprises some of the largest customer-centric organizations in the Nordics, including Nordea, DNB, Telenor and Tryg. We help these companies (and many others like them!) to put customer experience first with chat-led automation via our conversational AI platform that is quick to deploy, easy to maintain, and highly scalable.

In Sweden, many organizations, including Moderna and Västra Götalandsregionen, already use our technology to supercharge their customer service and increase operational efficiency. Our Kommune-Kim solution – the world’s first multi-city AI platform – also helps 13 municipalities in Sweden to provide 24/7 assistance to their citizens. ‘’

Coming out of a difficult pandemic year (such as 2020) where the need for digitalization and automated processes was seen already as a necessity for businesses, the Boost.ai team is optimistic and ready to rock 2021.

‘’Our 2021 roadmap looks bright, with many exciting projects due to launch in Sweden this year. It’s why we felt it was the right time to establish a satellite office in Stockholm to provide support to both new and existing partners and clients.’’ – says Mats.

Their goal is not only to be at the forefront of technology but also to provide excellent service to their customers, helping them improve their work and even save money.

 Mats shares with us more details about this unique experience that their customers go through: ‘’ We have a singular goal at boost.ai: to disrupt customer service by empowering businesses and consumers to take back time. We believe that today’s customer service channels are fundamentally broken – they’re slow, inefficient and expensive to scale. Chatbots powered by conversational AI provide a unique solution to these challenges. They give consumers agency over their own customer experiences through self-service and save businesses time, money and resources by automating repetitive queries and tasks.’’

In the big global online market, it is not easy to be identified and be likable.

 By constantly innovating their technology and software, boost.ai now knows the perfect formula on how to stand out. ‘’ We exist in a very competitive market. Just google “Chatbots” and you’ll see that we’re not alone in our quest for customer service automation. How we stand out is by constantly innovating our technology and software. Our platform is powered by proprietary self-learning AI that allows us to build and deploy virtual agents faster than any other vendor on the market with consistently high-resolution rates of 90%. We can have a client up and running in under 10 days, whereas other solutions need weeks or months just to get off the ground.

We also pride ourselves on the innovation of our software. The best people at customer service are the customer service reps who live and breathe it every day. It’s why our platform runs on a no-code, user-friendly interface that doesn’t need a team of data scientists or developers to run. You simply drag, drop and automate your way to great customer experiences.’’ says Sofie Gulbrandsen, Strategic Partner Manager at Boost.ai.

Boost.ai is always looking for new partnerships to help them deploy, expand and maintain conversational AI.

Why partner with boost.ai?

‘’A key part of the goal for establishing an office in Sweden is to expand our existing partner network. We currently work with Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG and others in various markets across Europe and North America. Our Stockholm team is set up and ready to onboard and support new partnerships specifically in Sweden. We’re looking for implementation and technology partners that we can share knowledge and expertise with and collaborate on raising awareness of our market-leading tech, making it available to as many businesses and consumers as possible.’’ – Sofie says.

Boost.ai is a name in AI, seeking expansion, international reach, and generating as many customers as possible. Now with a new office in Stockholm, with the goal to reach the Swedish market they see Epicenter as the perfect place to grow their business.

‘’We’re excited to set up a base at Epicenter and bring our technology to even more enterprises in Sweden, helping them deliver engaging and dynamic customer experiences at scale. Epicenter is ​the ​perfect place to grow our business in Sweden. We love the community and networking opportunities it provides, and the buzz of being surrounded by other innovative companies all striving to make their mark on the world.’’ 

Want to connect with boost.ai?
If you’re a business or consultancy in Sweden looking to supercharge your customer service with conversational AI, we’d love to hear from you! You can ​visit our website​ to get more info or contact Mats Larsson, Country Manager Sweden at Boost.ai, via email at ​mats.larsson@boost.ai​.

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