Mar 19, 2021

Bonzer – SEO and Organic Growth Is the New Black

The knowledge about SEO is not only important for SEO experts but for anyone who wants to advance their business through the best digital marketing techniques.
For startups in the first steps, for consolidated businesses and marketers, SEO is a key tool to increase profits and gain clients.

SEO consists of knowledge about search engines, key marketing factors, and helpful tools to facilitate these processes.Having an online presence that is curated and strategic is no longer an excessive marketing method, it is a MUST.

Bonzer is a digital marketing bureau, focusing solely on search engine optimization based in Scandinavia. They are a specialized agency, which creates scalable organic growth.

What they really do?

‘’For those less familiar with Search Engine Optimization – we grow our client’s digital presence and positions on search engines such as Google, making sure that they are at the position they’re supposed to be. In today’s digital environment, your presence on Google is an absolutely vital part of any business.’’ – says Karolina Thor, Expansion Manager at Bonzer.

Is SEO important for every business? 

Karolina explains: ”One could argue that all companies with a website are potential clients of ours. We help them reach their digital potential and visibility online. Surprisingly many companies are relying on borrowed traffic (ads) – we want to change that. We aim to give the marketing budgets back to the companies, meaning that what we create for them – they own.”

Nowadays we live in a digital age and many people turn to the internet when looking for a product or service they need.

Do you know that through SEO:

-You generate interest from people who are looking for a service like yours
-You are strategically positioned in internet searches
-You gain new clients through organic traffic
-You’ll be provided with solutions to potential customers

By being optimally ranked, businesses can thrive and reach a much wider audience, interested in their services.

‘’ We want to change the industry for the better. It’s no secret that the digital marketing industry is a pretty polluted industry. ‘’ – says Karolina who further explains that for Bonzer it is very important to have satisfied and happy clients.

Join the Bonzer Masterclass this spring for some hands on tips and tricks, or knock on their studio door if you want us to analyse your current SEO situation. 

‘’Companies throwing money at agencies, not knowing what they pay for. We don’t want to be part of that. At Bonzer we’re making sure that not only our customers get value out of the collaboration, but also their customers – the end consumer.’’ – she says.

Is SEO changing in 2021?

‘’SEO is a dynamic field. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and what worked yesterday might not work today. In order to deliver the best results for our customers, product development and innovation is not just a top priority for us, but an absolute necessity. We currently have more than 50 incredible brains within our company, which means that we every day have more than 50 people shaping and improving our product.’’  says Karolina.

Responsibility, focus, and self-confidence to tackle the most complex tasks are the three most important values of the Bonzer team.

Bonzer is always open to collaborations, regardless of the industry of which you are part.

”No matter if you are a traditional E-commerce company, SaaS platform, or a super niche product – we make you visible! Our studio door is always open if you want to chat with us.” – says Karolina.

At Epicenter, they see an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, network, and expand their brand map.

”We want to be surrounded by other innovative companies and like-minded people from whom we can learn and get inspiration from. We also believe we have a lot to bring to the table and look forward to giving a SEO Masterclass to our fellow members. ” -concludes Karolina.

But what are the steps or methods of SEO?For more details check out this link to get in touch with the Bonzer team and make sure to sign up for their upcoming masterclass here.

Interested in joining our community? Become part of Epicenter.

Whether it’s just you and your laptop, or a team of 500, as a member of Epicenter you will find a membership that suits your needs the best. They are all designed to supercharge innovation and growth. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

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