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It’s been a blast following the explosive growth of Epicenter member Base of Sweden the past couple of years. This cosmetic company with innovation at its core – creates cosmetic products for both men and women. Consumers have really welcomed their products, and in 2019 they won the biggest beauty award in the world! Pretty amazing and we’re stoked to have this team in the Epicenter community

Retail has had a tough year… But Base of Sweden are blooming

Jasmine Lundqvist, Founder and CEO of Base of Sweden, says that “Retail has been facing many challenges the past year which has forced the industry to become more creative”.

This industry, which has been very traditional looking back – is now changing rapidly. This of course means a lot of challenges for many companies. But Jasmine says that: “With this creativity we also see many opportunities for smaller brands to grow and reach new consumers. The beauty industry is moving towards more innovation and consumer friendly options which is what we are working towards”.

Cosmetics needs to be functional!

For Base of Sweden, changing the world by creating a new vision of how you look, as well as challenge the traditional cosmetics market today – is what keeps them going. “We want to be innovative and provide function and functionality in cosmetics,” Jasmine says.

At Epicenter for the network

Base of Sweden are at Epicenter because of the community of different startups, scaleups and corporates that are both innovative and creative. Jasmin says that: “Epicenter provides you a great platform for exchanging ideas and getting support for fellow startups.”

Want to find out more?

Make sure you pop by their Studio office to say hello! For anyone interested in getting tips and tricks to create a healthy skin – make sure you follow them on Instagram @baseofsweden. And while at it – check out their website!

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