May 17, 2022

Airspace is leading the way with a logistic solution for time-critical shipments 

Airspace is an industry-first automated platform, focusing on time-critical shipments, like organ transplants or aircraft parts. The logistics startup was created in 2016 in California, by Nick Bulcao and Ryan Rusnak, to eliminate the transparency issues and challenges that are so prevalent in the logistics industry today to create the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen. 

With a team of 300 people and a European head office in Amsterdam, the company is on a rapid international expansion with local offices in several European countries. In Stockholm, the R&D team is tailoring products and services for the European market. 

“When I started to plan how we were going to set up the R&D team in Stockholm I wanted to have an office at a place that is inspiring, gives the opportunity to network with other tech-driven companies, and which is central so it’s easy to get there from any direction. This is exactly what Epicenter is giving us!” says Thilo Seliger, Director of Engineering Europe / Country Manager Sweden. 

An automated time-saving solution 

Airspace was founded to solve the problems that plagued time-critical deliveries. Even though these shipments can save lives, the way they were handled was still very old school, meaning relying on highly manual processes which led to slow quoting, slow or even risky routes, and no transparency during the transport. 

“We give these important shipments the attention they deserve, so the goal was to build the industry’s most technologically advanced platform in order to expedite deliveries, improve accuracy, and provide full transparency for critical shipments”

This is what Airspace is changing. Airspace removes human error and eliminates costly delays by automating quoting, routing, and driver dispatch to save an average of two hours per shipment. 

“When companies are in need of time-critical shipments, they want instant stress relief and that’s what we at Airspace are, powered by state-of-the-art technology and great passionate people. As soon as they get in contact with us, they know their valuable goods are in the right hands” added Thilo Seliger. 

Innovation and creativity start with engineers 

Innovation is one of the core values of Airspace “We never settle and are always striving to improve our product, service and ourselves.”

The company is constantly striving to make their customers’ and operation teams’ lives easier. A special focus is put on the engineering team, encouraging them to constantly learn, share and grow knowledge together, for example through hackathons. 

Building a smoother customer experience through continuous research

In March 2021, the Business Intelligence Group announced that Airspace’s Critical Mile Platform was named a winner in its Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program as the industry’s first artificial intelligence and machine learning global solution that evaluates optimal routes for time-critical shipments. 

“We are continuously doing research with our customers and internal teams to improve and innovate our products and services. So there is a lot in the pipeline that will excite our European customers and make the Airspace experience even smoother and adapted to their needs.” 

On the career side, Airspace is looking for QA Engineers and Full Stack Developers, looking to embark on exciting challenges, make an impact on people’s lives, and be willing to change a whole industry. Airspace’s future talents should be committed and ready to take part in building a great engineering culture that makes everyone feel safe, inspired, and productive.

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